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10 Modern Spiral Perms for Long Hair and 7 Short Hair Styles

Introduction to the topic

A spiral perm is a kind of permanent wave in which the size and length of the curls are both customizable. Hair is rolled vertically onto the perm rod to create spiral curls. Spiral perms look best on long hair.

Therefore, it may provide much more volume than a regular perm. Curly hair expert Dennis Mero of Orlando, Florida, that the following questions be asked before getting a spiral perm. How often a year will I need a perm and a haircut? Will I be able to dye my hair? Do I need to adjust my hair products and routine?

Does a spiral perm look good with long hair? And with short hair?

Having short hair makes a perm with a spiral pattern less desirable. For the simple reason that your current shortcut may end up making you look like a medusa. Some disappointment before taking action is preferable to moping around and feeling sorry for yourself for six months. Because the permanent remedy is irreversible once it has been used, even if you wash your hair ten times in an hour, the procedure will continue. 

To restore your hair to its original shape after a perm, you’ll need to wait at least six months after the solution has been applied. You shouldn’t worry too much about your hair’s length when getting a perm. A person can perm their hair if their hair is long enough to wrap around the perming rods.

The shorter, the better, so even a length of 2 inches will do. Obviously, not everyone can pull off a perm. Some varieties of perms are more suited to shorter hairstyles. And it’s helpful to have some background knowledge on perms before you go out and get one. Since perms are the result of chemical reactions that are permanent, they cannot be reversed. 

Therefore, you should probably educate yourself on them before giving in to the perming craze. Find below an explanation of perms, a breakdown of the perming procedure, and answers to some of the most often asked questions. It is feasible to achieve permanent curls by using perming rods if your hair is long enough to wrap around them.

The days of a cookie-cutter approach to perms are over. There are a variety of perms available now, and they all produce distinctive styles, from beachy waves to ultra-tight coils. A wide variety of perm styles have emerged as a result of hairdressers swapping traditional rods for rollers and Flexi-rods. Some of the more common variants are discussed in greater detail below.

What you need to know about spiral permed hair?

10 Modern Spiral Perms for Long Hair and 7 Short Hair Styles

The use of spiral rods to curl the hair upwards into a corkscrew shape is what gives Spiral Permed hair its distinctive appearance. Many different rod sizes mean an almost infinite range of possible hairdos. Those who want to dye their hair will also find this to be a great option.

The spiral perm is an evergreen hairstyle that has stood the test of time. However, in contrast to its 80s origins, the hairstyle of today is characterized by a more adaptable look, making it a popular choice among young people. Those with thick, naturally wavy hair who are looking for a change of pace will like its versatility and the relaxed vibe it exudes.

1. Long Loose Spiral Perm

Those with thick hair are the best candidates for this cut, since the extra volume and fullness may be achieved by deliberately creating a more relaxed style. In particular, hair hues like hazel brown work well with this style. If you have fine hair, though, you may get a similar appearance by utilizing products like volumizing sprays, style foams, and sea salt spray.

 2. Blonde Wavy Perm

A blonde wavy perm has a really beachy feel to it, making it a very laid-back hairdo; this makes it a fantastic alternative for individuals who want to get the most out of their spiral perm.

Because the matte texture draws less attention to itself, the hair color will stand out more. Lighter shades, such as beach blonde, bring out the finest in curls and tresses, making this style stand out even more. Just a little bit of hair mousse and a high-quality texturizing lotion can keep your hair in place and make your style last all day.

 3. Beach Wave Perm for Fine Hair

If all you want to do is give your hair a little boost and then accept it, this is a fantastic alternative. Anyone looking for a fun, carefree hairdo may benefit from this trend. The beach wave perm is a delightful wetness to the eyes.

With the help of sea salt sprays, hair custards, and other styling aids, these curls have unrivaled definition. Black, dark brown, auburn red, and other dark shades will bring out the best in this style.

4. Shoulder Length Perm

The shoulder-length perm exudes self-assurance and is ideal for individuals who want a haircut that emphasizes texture. It will not only serve as an enhancement for your locks, but it will also serve as a means of announcing your presence to a group. Blonde hair is also a good candidate for this since the color enhances the natural quality and volume of blonde hair.

 5. Delicate spirals on medium-length hair

If you want your spiral perm to look its best, this is the method you use. This hairstyle is one of the most popular since it is wavy all the way through. Because of its adaptability, it is also a good option for folks who like socializing. The item is suitable for day or nighttime use. This cut works very well for those with hazel brown hair.

Spiral perm vs. Regular perm: what are the 5 key differences?

10 Modern Spiral Perms for Long Hair and 7 Short Hair Styles

If your hair is naturally fine and straight, you might want to consider getting a perm. There are fantastic temporary treatments for curling hair, but a perm is the best way to make the effect permanent.

To modify the behavior of individual hairs, chemical treatments are applied. Once you’ve made up your mind to get a permanent hairstyle, you’ll need to choose between two options: the spiral perm and the standard perm.

1. Spiral Forms

The curls from a spiral perm differ significantly from those of a standard perm. Spiral perms allow for a wide variety of curl sizes and lengths to be achieved. The curls range in size from little to enormous. A regular perm, on the other hand, results in a consistent pattern of curls. The curls will all be uniform in size and form.

2. Length

The length of your hair is an important factor to consider when deciding between a spiral perm and a standard perm. Hair needs to be at least 8 inches long, from root to tip, in order to be curled into flawless spirals. Regular perms can be done on shorter hair and still look fantastic.

3. Volume

Spiral perms are known to add volume to the hair compared to traditional perms. A conventional perm can provide volume to a style, but a spiral perm can add even more dimension.

4. Retro

Among the many distinctions between a regular and a spiral perm is the era that each suggests. A conventional perm might give off a more contemporary air, while a spiral perm is reminiscent of the decade the 1980s. If you’re going for a throwback look, a spiral perm is a way to go.

5. Procedure

Curling rods designed specifically for use in perming hair are placed vertically in the hair to create the signature spiral shape. The long, skinny rods are what give the spiral form. The hair should stay curled beautifully even after being removed from the rods. Different-sized rods are used to create a regular perm, and they are laid horizontally against the head rather than vertically.

10 modern ways to wear a spiral perms for long hair

Since the moment in Legally Blonde with Chutney (who, sadly, doesn’t assist the “pro-perm” crowd’s argument), perms have acquired a terrible rap and, to be candid, haven’t felt particularly relevant. However, we’re here to argue that the perm is more popular than ever and more practical than ever before. Please don’t roll your eyes and give up now; these aren’t your mother’s perms.

In reality, modern perming methods are much less damaging to your hair than those of the ’80s. The modern vibe can be completely updated by the 1 Plus stylists. Spiral perms, for instance, are achieved by rolling the hair vertically with a perm rod, creating a tight, well-defined corkscrew-type curl (with volume and texture that doesn’t seem like a typical perm).

1. Blonde Moment

All the best characteristics of a bedhead are present in a blonde, shaggy spiral perm. For gray, highlighted, or naturally blonde hair. Dark violet colours counteract yellow tones and help tone down brass. Extremely hydrating and soothing.

2. Shaggy Bangs

Vancouverhair. By Courtney, Put Your Best ’70S Fashion Foot Forward By Wearing Your Perm With Shaggy Bangs And A Layered Cut. (And Naturally, This Copper Shade Is Quite Hip, Too.)

3. Broken Waves

Piecey, tousled waves are always a safe bet, and you would never think these are the result of a perfectly executed spiral perm.

4. Concise and direct

You can discover our favorite short, blunt bobs here, but the spiral perm on this ‘do elevates it to a whole new level of statement-making beauty.

5. Multiple Coats

This tiered perm is too lovely for words. With face-framing parts and curls throughout, this is the kind of hairdo that’ll have you permanently (get it) in a good mood.

6. Wavy Curls

A spiral perm will not give you Shirley Temple curls (unless that’s the look you’re striving for, of course). Rather, you should request a curly, wavy texture that has a lot of edge to it.

7. Bob, Curly

Cutting off the length that could be weighing your curls down is the best method to obtain the bounce you’ve always wanted. For bouncy, vibrant curls, try this short, feathery bob.

8. Ensure the Length Is Maintained

Spiral perms work with any hair length, as long as you have enough hair to work with (AKA, wrap onto perm rods) (AKA, wrap onto perm rods). These waist-length spirals indicate a perm looks fresh on ultra-long hair, too.

9. Consequences of Blunt Blows

Make a strong impression with blunt curly bangs to complement long, luscious permed locks.

10. Babe Barrette

Some people find that after receiving a perm, they no longer need to spend as much time fussing over their hair. Having simply a barrette in place of any other hair accessories is really refreshing.

7 chic body wave perm hairstyles for short haired divas

Short hair with a perm in the style of a body wave is currently popular. A perm is a popular hairdo choice among women. The perm, a popular hairstyle in the 1980s, involved chemically setting the hair into waves or curls. Women with shorter hair lengths are more likely to have this procedure since it gives them a professional look without requiring them to spend a lot of time maintaining it.

1. The Short-Stacked Bob

This short perm body wave style is great for mature women with fine hair who want to add volume. The bob is asymmetrical, with the front being longer than the back. The perm is completely organic and lends a gentle sheen to the hair.

2. Curly Bob Hairdo With a Perm

This textured bob has curls that are dense and intense, indicating that the wavy hair perm will endure a long time. When applied to short hair, body waves take the form of tight curls that amplify the appearance of volume. When it comes to women’s hair, this is a viable alternative for those who wish to add volume without adding weight.

3. Short Bob with Bangs, Styled

Thinner and finer hair types might benefit greatly from the short body wave perm style. Although it has a scruffy appearance, the spiral curls give it a fresh and original style. The perm gives the shaggy bangs a spiraling, alluring appearance.

4. Swelling Blonde Waves

If a woman has short hair, such as a pixie or a boyish cut, she can still receive a perm using the body wave technique and end up with curly hair. As a result, regular grooming will be considerably less of a hassle. The curly bangs are an integral feature of the whole style.

5. Short Weave Hairstyles with Perm for Black Women, Body Wave

The short, body-wave perm gives black ladies a look that is distinct from that of white women. The hair itself makes all the difference. The waves in the hair are reminiscent of classic Hollywood styling. It’s sophisticated and classy.

6. Untidy Bob Short Hair Unruly Body Wave

This short, permed bob with body wave texture is a trendier style seen predominantly on young women with fine hair. The volume and fullness of the hair are enhanced by the perm.

7. Shaggy bob with a body wave on the side.

The shaggy bob on short body wave hair creates a full and fluffy look. When applied to lifeless, straight hair, this technique adds body and definition. The perm has style and a feminine appearance thanks to the layering that begins at the chin.

Watch One of the best spiral perms ever dauerwelle by Joerg Mengel Friseure | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to spiral perms for long hair

When applied to long hair, how long does a spiral perm last?

The time frame of three to six months. For a spiral effect, use a vertical rod to twist and roll hair that is shoulder-length or longer. Hair will have both volume and tight curls after using this method.
If you take care of your spiral perm with the right shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products, it can last for three to six months.

Can you tell me how many segments a spiral perm has?

You should separate your hair into three portions. Put the hair behind your ears in a twist and secure it with a clip. The only hair you’ll be left with is that on top and around your head’s perimeter. Part the hair in half, at the scalp, or wherever you like.

If you get a spiral perm, how long does it take?

An average session can last anything from one to five hours. For the first 48 hours after getting a perm, you should avoid doing anything too strenuous to your hair and keep it dry.

The time required for a perm?

To get a perm, how long should I plan on spending? Depending on the length of the hair, the procedure can take up to two hours. To get the desired texture and curl, we first consult with you to determine your preferences, and then we strategically place rods. Two days later, when you’ve let the waves dry in, you may wash them out and admire your new look.

Do I need a trim before I get a perm?

It is common practice among some salons to trim the hair before applying perm in order to eliminate unneeded bulk. Some people find that a trim following a perm is the best way to get rid of dry, damaged ends and fine-tune the look.


The trend toward curly hairstyles is clearly on the rise. Women all over the world are gravitating toward hairdos that add structure, volume, and bounce to their tresses, such as waves and ringlets.

Women with straight hair who want to make a dramatic transformation may think about getting a perm, which will give them the curly hair they’ve always wanted without the hassle of everyday heat styling. A perm’s curl-enhancing and smoothing abilities are also useful for those with naturally curly textures.

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