How to Find Most Popular Eyelash Extension Length: Guide

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Customized eyelash application is almost like a mathematical equation. The situation is complicated by a slew of other factors. It’s all about the sort of curl, length, thickness, and eye shape. Clients may have a hard time figuring out these aspects. In this case, a skilled lash artist is essential. Make sure your eyelash artist is able to access your eye shape, your natural eyelash curl, and the thickness of your extensions in order to produce the desired effect.

Eyelash extensions can make it difficult to know exactly what you want. Knowing what is going on when you are getting your lashes done is much more difficult. During a typical hair consultation, you will be asked about your hair’s thickness, type, style, curl, and length preferences, among other factors. If you want to know what your lash artist is doing when your eyes are closed, here’s a guide to help you get ready for your appointment:

How do you select the best eyelash extensions for you?

Most popular eyelash extension length:

Different materials, lengths, volumes, and curls are available for eyelash extensions. Each of these elements must be taken into consideration for the finest results, as previously stated.

Silk, mink, synthetics, and imitation mink are the most common materials used to produce eyelash extensions.

These materials will be discussed with you by your eyelash artist, who will create lashes that are properly tailored to your needs.

It is possible to damage your natural lashes if you choose the wrong eyelash extension lengths. They’ll also make you feel uneasy, and you can look weird as a result.

If the lashes are excessively weighted, they may inhibit healthy lash follicles from developing. The general rule of thumb is that your eyelash extensions should be 3mm-5mm longer than your natural lashes when getting them done.

In 2010, volume lashes became fashionable. Lash extensions were sought after for more reasons than merely adding length and curl. Adding numerous extensions to a single lash creates the illusion of volume.

In spite of this, each new extension is lighter and thinner than the last. Lightweight lashes were employed in this situation. In other words, they create the appearance of longer, fuller lashes while protecting your own.

How many individual extensions are packed together into one “fan” defines volume lashes.To indicate the number of lashes in a fan, most artists use a number and the letter D. Lashes in 3D would be crowded together to form fans, for instance. Volume styles in the 2D-4D range have a softer, more natural appearance. A dramatic and voluminous effect can be achieved with 4D to 8D. Additionally, if you have naturally thick lashes, these are the best option for you.

Does eye shape matter when it comes to length of eyelash extension?

It’s more difficult than it seems to achieve the perfect lash look. This includes everything from the shape and depth of your eyelids to your natural lash length, texture, curl, and direction of your lashes. Oh, and don’t forget about the client’s end goal. Clients with monoids or hooded eyes are more susceptible to this. Mydygma Nimbueva, a Beverly Hills-based lash expert and proprietor of Beautiful Lashes Salon, shared her knowledge with us.

The shape of your eyes is the final factor in the eyelash equation. All eye shapes aren’t suited to the same type of curl. Different types of eyelashes are needed for different types of eyes, such as hooded or almond-shaped ones.

Your lash artist will choose the best lash extensions for you based on your face shape and eye colour. I provide sets of various lengths. Short sets have lash lengths between 7 and 10 millimetres. Lashes should be able to blend different lengths to give a natural-looking complete look for different sections of the eye. The lengths listed below were utilised to generate several sets for different clients.

  • Short sets of 7mm to 10mm
  • Those in the 11m to 14mm range
  • Long pairs of 15mm–17mm
  • Extra-long sets that measure 17mm or more

When it comes to eyelash extensions, patience is key. It’s crucial to make sure that your lashes complement and enhance your face’s beauty. Please email me if you have any questions about the lashing procedure or your eye type.

What are the factors to keep in mind for eyelash extension?

Most popular eyelash extension length:

1. Thickness

For diverse uses, eyelash extensions are available in a variety of diameters. Avoid anything that is overly thick. About 20 millimeters. Most lashes can’t withstand lash lengths of 25 mm. The thickness. Classic lashes typically have a length of 15 mm. Can be used on very thin or mixed with another for thicker and thicker look. To generate a two-dimensional effect, 10 mm is needed.

There are three different thicknesses of volume eyelashes:.07,.06, and the.05 mm. Depending on the thickness of your natural lashes and the thickness of the extensions being utilized, the amount of lash extensions in a fan should vary. Extensions in a fan of seven millimeters can also be used by lash artists. Each fan will receive 5 extensions in the length of 0.05 millimeters.

Eyelash extensions allow you to transform your look from natural to over-the-top. Before deciding on an eyelash extension operation, think about the style you want to achieve. “

When it comes to eyelash extensions, you may want to try out the long and thick lashes of some of your favourite movie stars. In comparison to your natural eyelashes, they provide a look that is impossible to attain.

As an alternative, lash extensions that mix in well with your natural lashes might be chosen. If you’re gorgeous, your friends and family may notice, but they may not be able to tell that you’ve had extensions added.

2. Type

The most prevalent types of lash extensions are classic and volume. Volume 3–5 finer extensions to one natural lash, splayed out in what we call a fan, is the difference between classic and volume. The classic and volume options can be combined in a hybrid model. There are two extensions attached to each of the natural lashes when they are made with 2D. Beautiful sets can be made with 10 mm extensions.

3. Curl

The look of the curls is represented by a letter in the name of the style. The J curl is clearly more J-shaped and less curly or raised than the other curls. This is the most basic curl. The most common lash curl is the C curl, which most people’s natural lash curls match. Because of this, it is the most popular type of curly hair, as well as the most dramatic and elevated. When working with individuals who have hooded eyelids and for whom a D curl isn’t enough, a L curl’s harsher L form is ideal.

What are the different types of eyelash extension curl?

Having a choice of lashes in your makeup bag is essential. It’s best to be ready for everything since you never know who might walk through the door. You can choose from a wide variety of lash curls and even lash curl hybrids. The following are the most fundamental. I’ll go from the least curly to the most curled in the order of preference.

1. J-curl

It’s the most natural curl, which means it’s less curled than other types of curls. You won’t be using this curl very often because most clients desire a little lift or pop with their extensions. You’d use this curl if the client wants a more conservative look and their natural lashes point downward or straight.

2. B-curl

It’s a simple curl with a bit more lift than a J-curl, but it’s still a J-curl. This is an excellent alternative for those clients who don’t want to feel the lashes in the inner corner.

3. C-curl

The C-curl is the most popular since it is suitable for a wide range of eye shapes. The C-curl is a great option if you have naturally thin lashes but want them to appear fuller and more open.

4. D-curl

The D-curl is ideal for creating a dramatic effect. As a bonus, if you have naturally curling lashes, the semicircle shape looks best.

5. L-curl

In addition to looking like a “L,” L-curl lashes help elevate the lash line.

It starts off flat and then lifts up. If you have only one eyelid, hooded eyes, and straight lashes, this is the curl for you.

6. LC-curl

When it comes to lashes, the L-curl is the most common, but the LC-curl is the most unique.

7. LD-curl

As with conventional L-curl lashes, LD-curl lashes have a straight foundation, but instead of a straight line, they curve into a D curl. L+” is also a name for these lashes (L-plus).

How to choose the proper eyelash extension length and diameter?

Most popular eyelash extension length:

You’ve learned the basics of curls, so it’s time to pick the correct length and diameter. If you choose an extension that is excessively long or thick, you risk damaging your natural lashes. A good rule of thumb is to choose a length that is no more than 2-3mm longer than the length of the lashes naturally present. Balances the extension’s weight on the lash’s natural lash. Additionally, the diameters should be chosen to balance off the weight.

Choose the proper lashes based on their diameter

Choosing the right lash diameter is the first step. You can use the diameter of your client’s natural lash to calculate the diameter of the lash extension to utilize! Some situations necessitate going slightly thicker than what is naturally occurring, but this is rare. However, a good rule of thumb is to match the diameter of the lash to the natural lash length of the client. Isn’t it simple enough?

Proper lashes selection: Length

Next, the lash extension’s length! More often than not, the idea is to EXTEND the lashes that are already there. Next, figure out what kind of appearance they’re going for! Is this what they’re looking for? Does it matter if it’s subtle or overt to them? If you want to make your lashes appear thicker and darker, you should choose for shorter lashes that are closer to the natural length. However, you’ll have to figure out what kind of look your client prefers.

Height and Width on the OUTSIDE for these two categories, be sure that your client’s natural lashes are strong enough to hold the weight of whatever you decide to use. Some individuals have long and thick lashes, but others have weak ones that will break if they wear anything too heavy or long. If you come across a customer with weak lashes, tell them to hold off on getting extensions until they obtain a lash serum!

Rules for choosing lash extension curls and sizes

Then, how can we determine the proper length and diameter? When it comes to eyelash extension sizes, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First and foremost, volume lashes require only.03 to.10 of an eyelash extension. As a second rule of thumb, always adhere to the following:

The first rule is:

Choose a length that is no more than 2-3 mm longer than the client’s natural lash length, if possible.

The second rule is:

The diameter should be matched to the natural lash length of the client (going only slightly thicker for a more dramatic look).

In order to match the diameter, why only extend the natural lash by 2-3 mm and only go 2-3 mm longer?? There are diameters as large as.30mm and lengths up to 20mm! Putting on 20mm/.20mm lashes on a customer with 10mm/.10mm natural lashes may not last, and they may even be overly heavy. The lash follicle will be put under a lot of strain if the lashes are overly heavy. When it comes to creating a lash look, you don’t want to harm your client’s natural lashes.

How do you know which eyelash extension is best for your eye shape?

Choosing lash extensions depends on what eye shape you got:

Doll eye:

Using the Doll Eye appearance, the focus is squarely on the inner corner of the eye. There is a steady decrease in eyelash extension length as you get closer to the corners of your eyes.

“A doll eye look on round eyes makes them look smaller,”

Nimbueva, who recommends this shape for almond-shaped eyes.

It’s best for those with round and small eyes, as the longest lashes are positioned at the outer corner of the eye to create an elongated look.


A popular eye shape is the almond, which measures in at nearly twice as wide as it is tall. A wide variety of lash styles work well on almond eyes because of their appropriate size.


The term “monolid” refers to an eyelid that does not have a crease. Some people have closed lids all the way around their eyes, while others have them closed in the beginning (around their nose) and more open at the outside corner, or even a combination of the two.

Wide-set eyes

If you have wide-set eyes, any curl will work, but going longer in the middle and shorter in the outside corners will give a balanced look.

It is really appealing to use longer lengths on the outer corners of this eye shape. For the outside 14 of the lid, begin with a D-curl and work your way outwards in a CC-curl.

Hooded eyes

“Hooded eyes—or monolids—are eyelids that do not have a crease,” explains one expert. Hooded lids can make the lash line appear’sucked in’ because of how heavy they appear. Make sure your eyes aren’t covered up by hooded lids.

Watch What eyelash extension curl to use on the natural lash | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to Most popular eyelash extension length

Most popular eyelash extension length:

Do eyelash extensions mix?

Yes! As a beginner in the eyelash extension industry, we don’t recommend combining different forms of extensions. It’s fine to experiment with different lashes once you’ve mastered the basics. To get the look you want, mix and combine lash styles until you find what works best for you. Start using a mannequin to see how it goes first!

Do you know how much eyelash extension length you need?

The general rule of thumb is that your eyelash extensions should be 3mm-5mm longer than your natural lashes when getting them done. It is also important to ensure that the extensions’ diameter is as near to the diameter of your natural lashes as possible.

What is the finest kind of eyelash extension?

We’d rather wear fake mink lashes than the real thing! These lightweight, cruelty-free lashes may be used for both natural and dramatic looks. It is possible to use silk lash extensions to create a range of lash styles.

How to choose lash extension curl?

A good rule of thumb is to choose a length that is no more than 2-3mm longer than the length of the lashes naturally present. Balances the extension’s weight on the lash’s natural lash. The weight distribution should also be taken into consideration when selecting diameters.

Which lash extension size is most popular?

The most commonly used sizes are 9mm and 12mm, which are available at the majority of salons. It is not always better to use lashes 14mm or longer unless you have strong, long natural lashes to start with.


Most popular eyelash extension length:

The many different looks you can obtain with eyelash extensions are easy to achieve with just a small investment in eyelash extensions.

You can also save time by not having to apply eye makeup. Extensions that are applied correctly can last for a long time without harming the health of your original eyelashes.

Make an appointment with a licensed lash technician and follow the basic aftercare instructions provided by the technician. With this eye makeup, you’ll have a dewy, natural look that most other options can’t match.

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