Moxielash Vs Glamnetic, and Do They Work Review Guide

Moxielash Vs Glamnetic, and Do They Work? | Review Guide

Introduction to the topic

Moxielash Vs Glamnetic, and Do They Work  Review Guide

Extensions or a nice set of falsies are both acceptable options. Magnetic lashes are a great alternative to fake lashes and glue if you can’t get an appointment with a professional or don’t want the trouble. They have the same dramatic eye-opening effect as homemade falsies, but don’t require any adhesive. Instead, they use microscopic magnets to adhere to the lashes.

Just be sure that the lashes you choose, whether they’re made of natural materials or synthetic ones, will last as long as you want them to. Also, keep in mind that the amount of magnets on the band of some false eyelashes will make them appear lighter on your natural lashes than on others.

What is Moxielash?

According to Rochelle Magno, a VaultBeauty member and proprietor of The Lash Gallery, there are two types of magnetic lashes: ones that you apply above and below your natural lashes and snap together. Regardless of how they’re used, she claims that traditional falsies are “far more difficult and time consuming.” Because the glue doesn’t have to get tacky first, the lashes can be applied right away, and they’re also easier to clean up afterward. A quick FYI: while applying takes some getting accustomed to, the end result is definitely worthwhile.

In less than 10 seconds, MoxieLash’s magnetic eyeliner and lashes would appear to be applied by magic to your lash line, thanks to the brand’s innovative magnetic eyeliner. Using magnetic eyelashes can be hit or miss depending on your eye shape if you’ve ever tried them. Magnetic eyeliner, on the other hand, enables the lashes to follow the contours of your lash line without the use of adhesive.

MoxieLash introduces a line of beauty products that it touts as a game changer in the industry. The magnetic eyelashes and liners are of the highest quality, are comfortable to wear, and are made to last all day. MoxieLash’s bestsellers include a Honey Kit and a Wedding Kit under the Magnetic Lash Kits category, as well as Sassy Lash and Magnetic Liquid Eyeliner Cocoa. They are waterproof and can be worn up to 60 times before needing to be replaced.

Traditional lash strips are probably recognisable to you. Cosmetic adhesive is used to attach these to the eyelids for a quick and easy application. They’re difficult to apply correctly and can damage your eye makeup if you don’t. When it comes to magnetic eyelash strips, the premise is the same. Iron-containing eyeliner is applied to the lash line like regular liner rather than using glue. Tiny magnets embedded in the lash strips make them attach to the magnetic eyeliner.

What is Glamnetic?

For both ladies and men, Glamnetic magnetic eyelash extensions take the hassle out of wearing fake eyelashes. Fake nails and other beauty equipment are now part of the line of products offered by the company.

Growing up, Glamnetic Lashes CEO Ann McFerran, an artist and businesswoman in Los Angeles, was self-conscious about her sparse eyelashes. Many people, including Ann, had problems with the lash extensions’ difficult application, difficult usage of glue, and difficult removal. Because she used sticky glue so frequently, she reasoned that a better adhesive must exist that was also less messy.

Fake nails, magnetic lashes, eyeliners, and other accessories for men and women are all available from the company. Glamnetic lashes may be reused up to 40 times with the collection and come in a variety of forms, including round, wispy, half-lash, and cat-eye. Vegan and mink variants are also available. A magnetic storage container and six magnets are included with each set of lashes. There are numerous types and shapes to choose from to meet the needs of different customers. The high-quality items are cruelty-free.

Glamnetic vs Moxielash, which one is better?

Fake nails, magnetic lashes, eyeliners, and other accessories for men and women are all available from the company. With the collection, Glamnetic lashes may be worn up to 40 times before needing to be replaced. They come in a variety of shapes and styles, such as round, wispy, half lash, and cat-eye. A magnetic storage container and six magnets are included with each set of lashes. Cruelty-free, high-quality items are available in a variety of designs and shapes to suit a wide range of tastes.

It was hard for me to choose between MoxieLash and the others because their styles were the most flattering for my eye shape and their liner felt the most magnetic. The lash band was the only one that had a noticeable difference in sturdiness from the others. Flawless and natural-looking, the Glamnetic lashes would be perfect for someone with wider eyes because of their fluff and realism. Lashes can be trimmed to accommodate your eye shape and size, although I find that this alters the lashes’ natural curving.

Before applying the liner and lash, I found that a light application of mascara went a long way toward hiding my naturally sparse lashes. Magnetic eyelash and liner sets are an excellent value, and I will continue to use them as my go-to lash augmentation tool in the future.

Glue lashes can damage your natural lashes as well as make them look less attractive. Magnetic lashes, on the other hand, are a cutting-edge product that is both safe to use and simple to apply. In comparison to adhesive lashes, these are more affordable, reusable, and hygienic. With so many companies now marketing magnetic lashes, it’s understandable if you’re stumped. For your convenience, we’ll address any queries you might have.

Moxielash Vs Glamnetic, and Do They Work  Review Guide

Today’s contestants, both of which want to provide clients with magnetic eyeliners and lashes that are both safe and distinctive, compete against one another. It was MoxieLash, with its high-tech approach, that introduced magnetic lashes and liners to the public. The company was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in San Diego, California.. MoxieLash’s goal is to provide its consumers with the greatest lash products possible so they may improve their whole lash experience. They have more than 40 different styles of lashes to choose from, as well as a variety of tools to help customers make their lashes stand out. There are, however, a limited amount of product types, forms. and colours available from the brand.

As an alternative, Glamnetic began operations in 2019 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company’s mission is to make sustainable and inventive goods for a world where beauty may be easy, fun, and affordable for everyone. In order to make these items available to as many people as possible, they’ve introduced beauty products for men and women since the company’s inception. Glamnetic makes goods that stand out from the crowd because of its dedication to customer service and enthusiasm for beauty. In particular, they’re famed for their magnetic lashes, which come in over fifty various designs.

Instead of using lash glue, both MoxieLash and Glamnetic have developed magnetic eyelashes and other cosmetic accessories that are known for being both safe and gorgeous, adding to our allure.

While shopping for magnetic lashes, what should you look for?

According to integrative optometrist and clinical homoeopath Elise Brisco, OD, CCH, magnetic lashes can be worn around the eyes without fear of irritation, in general. It’s better to use magnetic eyelashes because you don’t have to use adhesive so close to your eyes, according to her. Girls who got glue in their eyes told me it was excruciating. According to Dr. Brisco, Just to be on the safe side:

Consult the product’s manual for specific instructions before using the product.

Even if you’re a pro, each kit is different and comes with a specific set of instructions.

1. Magnets/Lash Bands

The Moxielash’s lash band appears thicker than the Glamnetic’s in the photographs. In person, however, the band leans more toward Glamnetic lash. The magnets on the Moxielash are more prominent because the band is thinner. Due to the magnets being of a similar size as the band, Glamnetic is less noticeable. The Moxielash has a more natural curve and is slightly shorter than the Glamnetic, which is both longer and straighter in contrast.

What’s the point? It all boils down to the size and form of your eyes. The curvature of the Moxielash is more comfortable for me because it fits my eye shape better. At least one magnet should be used to shorten the Glamnetic lash because it is far too long for my eye.

Magnetic eyelashes are safe if you become used to applying them, according to Philadelphia physician Erum Ilyas, M.D., who is board-certified in the field of cosmetic dermatology.” Many of my patients will either risk poking themselves in the eye or — the other extreme — not get close enough to the base of the eyelash for it to appear decent while they’re learning, I’ve discovered.

2. Keep your eyelashes to yourself and don’t let anyone else use them.

Dr. Brisco advises, “Make sure they’re clean so you don’t give yourself an eye infection.” Before handling anything near your eyes, wash your hands.

3. Design and size

Choosing the right band size for your eye shape is critical when wearing falsies, but you need also think about the type of lash you desire. They can be delicate and subtle, or strong and dramatic, so keep this in mind when choosing your style.

4. Magnetic Eyelashes: How to Care for, Clean, and Store

Make careful you clean and keep your eyelashes properly to get the most use out of them. Use a cotton ball dipped in makeup remover to wipe the lash band. Use rubbing alcohol to sterilise the eyelash extensions after cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. They’re now ready for your next application!

5. The Adhesive Type

As previously stated, your options are either one of two or none at all. If you’re excellent at applying eyeliner, those that have a magnetic liner may be a little easier for you to use. If you don’t like the way eyeliner looks on you, you may prefer alternatives that use two magnetic pairs of lashes to hold your natural lashes in place.

6. Material

When it comes to conventional falsies, you have a wide range of alternatives to pick from. If the lashes are made of synthetic fibres, for example, the quality, durability, and pricing will all be affected by the fiber’s quality and density.

Watch how to apply magnetic lashes – Moxielash | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to Moxielash vs Glamnetic

How do you put on magnetic lashes?

Magno recommends applying the top set as near to the lash line as possible, then placing the second set underneath so that the magnets join if you’re using the type that’s applied to both the top and bottom of your natural lashes. To get the best results with magnetic liners, apply the liner like any other liner, making sure to get a line that’s as straight as possible, according to her.

Is it safe to use magnetic eyelashes?

In fact there’s a chance of infection or an adverse reaction with these products if they’re not handled properly and cautiously, according to her. It’s important to apply them correctly (and to wash your hands before you do), to keep the lashes clean, and to practice good hygiene habits like not sharing your lashes with others to help reduce the danger.

What are the finest brands of magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic Eyelash Extensions at Their Finest
The Glamnetic Lucky Magnetic Lashes magnetic strip lashes are the best.
Lola’s Lashes are the best magnetic eyeliner lashes.
Magnetized Rose Quartz Eyelashes with synthetic fibres.
Professional Magnetic False Eyelashes for the Most Affordable Price: Ardell.
Arishine Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit is a customer favourite on Amazon.

Is Glamnetic really good?

Trustpilot users give Glamnetic a 3.1/5-star rating. Some customers give the brand Excellent ratings, while others give it Great or Average ratings, with only 8% of customers giving it a rating of Excellent.

Is Glamnetic safe if used on the eyes?

No harmful chemicals are used in their creation and they contain the same natural elements found in popular cosmetics such as mascara and other liners. It’s magnetic due to the larger concentration of iron oxide. Iron oxide has been approved by the FDA for use on the eyes and is completely safe.


The comparison between MoxieLash and Glamnetic aimed to show you how both companies want to provide their clients with safe magnetic lashes. It’s difficult to choose between the two when each has something special to give.

It’s a tight race between the two, but we’d want to put an end to it by giving MoxieLash the edge over Glamnetic. Despite the fact that the brand’s style selection is restricted, our staff places a premium on quality above quantity. MoxieLash gives us the perfect eye appearance we’re always trying to get, so it’s a smart choice.

Ultimately, the brand you choose will be determined by your preferences in terms of quality and long-term use. Our goal was to provide you with a balanced view of both, and we believe we’ve accomplished that. With that, we hope you’re one step closer to making a decision on your future career path.

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