My Lash Lift Growing Out Weird: How Can I Fix This? Guide

My Lash Lift Growing Out Weird: How Can I Fix This? Guide

You had your lashes raised and were so happy, but now they’re frizzy on your eyelids. No!!! When lash lifts go awry, the lashes may get crimped and look like spider legs. NOT a good situation. And definitely not the results a lash lift was supposed to provide.

Please allow me to first explain the reasoning for this phenomenon before discussing the solutions I may provide to this problem. As a simple explanation, Your poor tiny eyelashes were overprocessed. Thioglycolic acid has long been the treatment of choice for lash lifts. If you’ve ever had your hair permed, you’ll recognize this as the perming agent. However, it is robust.

In order for a perm to operate, the hair’s cuticle must first be opened. In order to rebuild your hair in a new manner, you need to first deconstruct its current structure. Thioglycolic acid (TA) has a very strong effect in this regard. It swiftly and significantly increases the hair’s pH, allowing the scales to open.

The hair is then fixed in its new location using a neutralizing substance that reduces the Ph and hair scales. The hair follicles become fragile when the pH of your lashes is abruptly increased or decreased. They get damaged and frizzy because to this initial factor.

Why is my lash lift growing out weird?

Most botched lash lifts, in my experience, are due to improper timing of the perming solution. It’s possible that you’re having trouble owing to improper lash placement, unsticky equipment, or a poor choice of curling rod. Having had lash lifts for almost four years, I can attest to the fact that restoring natural lashes after a lift requires time and skill.

Fortunately, with care and the correct tools, you may restore your eyelashes to their former glory. After having a lash lift, your eyelashes will seem longer, thicker, and curled. Your lash lift is accomplished with a chemical treatment and a curling instrument, much like a hair perm or lash perm.

This alters eyelashes indefinitely until they naturally fall out or are treated again. The lash lift is a fantastic alternative to artificial lashes or lashes extensions, but it does have some drawbacks. Over-processed lashes result from leaving the chemical solution on for too long. In this case, the ideal look of long, healthy lashes is not achieved since the lashes become frizzy or excessively curled.

How to fix a bad lash lift?

Finishing a cosmetic treatment just to realize it didn’t work is the worst feeling in the world. Perhaps the perming solution wasn’t left on long enough, and that’s why your lash lift didn’t work out. Too much adhesive is another major cause of a failed lift. As the solution cannot attach to the hairs, your lashes will not perm effectively if you use lash glue.

You can re-perm your eyelashes at home or at a salon, but I suggest going to an expert. Over-curled lashes may be the result of using too much perm solution, leaving the silicone pads in place for too long, or using the device for too long. The lengthening and thickening effects of a lash lift are diminished when your lashes are too curled.

A second perm is the greatest way to repair lashes that have become too curled after the first. If your eyelashes have fused together, it’s not impossible to grow new ones. The keratin perm with cysteine will help strengthen your lashes, undoing some of the damage done by the first lift.

The most serious issue is if your eyelashes stick together. Most experts recommend waiting it out or at least giving your lashes time to recover before getting another perm. Lashes need time to recover after perming before they can bounce back and handle a second round.

Get advice from your esthetician on how to comb out your eyelashes with the spoolie. The following lift should have fewer clumps if you schedule the chemical processing. If your eyelashes are crinkled after using a curling rod, the rod probably wasn’t keeping in place. The lashes may not have been combed out evenly across the rod, or the chemical may not have been applied evenly.

Similar to the other options mentioned above, resetting and trying again with the perm is your best bet for salvaging a crinkled lash lift. Keep your eyelashes moisturized in between treatments if they have wrinkled from chemical exposure. Discuss the importance of using a straight application and the correct size curling rod with your lash technician.

It’s true that not all silicone pads have the same level of stickiness. When a pad fails to adhere, things quickly get difficult. The lashes bounce back up, putting at risk the even distribution of the perming solution. One other potential problem with perming eyelashes is that they could shift around.

Why your eyelashes go frizzy after lash lift? 

Any negative comments about your lash business would be devastating to hear as a professional lash specialist. Because you care so much, it’s understandable that sometimes the imperfections might seem like a major setback. Read on, and perhaps you’ll learn how to make every lash lift a dramatic makeover for your client since you are a perfectionist, and that’s why they adore what you do.

1. In other words, your goods have oxidized

This is the most prevalent, though unidentified, cause of inconsistent lash lift outcomes in beauty salons. Some customers are really pleased with the outcomes, while others are demanding a redo the following day. It was common knowledge that one beauty therapist was making a tidy profit by doing 12 lash lifts every day on her happy customers.

Does this. Remember me? She hated that some customers didn’t provide positive comments, forcing her to redo treatments. When you consider how long it takes to do a lash lift, you can see how annoying this may be for lash professionals. Here’s how she finally figured out that her stuff had gone bad:

You are barely halfway through the bottle of lifting serum, so why are you already seeing disappointing results? It’s not like you’ve reached the stage where you have to use a swizzle stick to scrape blue and pink gunge off the bottom.

If you apply mascara to your eyelashes 12 times a day and each time it takes you one minute, you’ve let the product oxidize for a total of 12 minutes a day. It just takes an hour for the bottle to become totally oxidized! If she worked 5 days a week and saw 12 customers, her lash lift solution would be completely depleted after just two weeks.

2. Application of eyelashes

Cotton swabs may be included in some lash lift kits, but a metal hook tool is essential for the procedure (See below article). If you’ve been using disposable plastic lash curlers, you’ll notice a big difference when using this tool to lift your lashes up and equally divide them.

If the lashes are not thoroughly pulled up and split, the lashes will remain like that after the treatment, which will be one major headache! Ditch the plastic disposables. To separate the eyelashes, use a hard stainless steel instrument. Metal instruments now come with ridges that help separate the lashes more effectively.

3. Good brand, better results

The answer to this question is obvious. This requires a larger initial investment, but it will pay dividends in the form of recurring customers and positive reviews in the long run. The product itself will be more efficient, and the convenience of the included instruments will let you focus on giving your customers the best possible lash application.

Our lash technician at the beauty salon was amazed at how simple it was to use Elleebana since she had been using a salon trade product before. Despite the higher price tag, she discovered that the silicone rods in the Elleebana kit were more flexible, making her work 10 times faster and simpler. She remarked on how well the lashes stayed adhered to her eyelids since the adhesive was superior.

4. Evaluation of lash type

When doing an LVL lash lift, it is crucial to first determine the client’s eyelash hair type to ensure the best possible outcome and long-term health of the lashes. Coarse hair may need more time for the treatment to take effect. Leaving the procedure on for too long might dry up your client’s lashes, leaving them unusable for future lash lifts.

To know when to remove your device, set a timer on your phone or watch, and avoid accepting calls throughout your spa visit or while your therapist is working. Every lash lift kit will have distinct instructions on timings, so be sure you read them over before switching items.

5. New start

Put water on painted paper; does it soak through? Why would mascara and oil cause the lashes to soak up perming solution? Poor lifts come from the lash lift solution not being absorbed adequately because of a barrier, such as mascara, grit, dust, or oils. If your lash lift was successful on one eye but not the other, this might be the reason why.

Even if your client insists she isn’t wearing any cosmetics, you should nevertheless remove any traces of mascara using an oil-free product. Wipe the lashes down with a remover. Ideally, one should be included in a lash lifting kit to make sure no oil from the face or past facial treatments remains.

What can go wrong with your lash lift, and how to fix it?

Curly eyelashes may be straightened out by applying perm solution to them using a spoolie. As you brush from the roots to the ends, additional perm solution should be added. Keep doing this until the overly curled lashes begin to return to their natural state.

We’re talking about a two- to five-minute process, at most. Applying a cotton pad, soak out the perm solution from your eyelashes and discard. When doing this, avoid tugging at your eyelashes. A cotton pad softly pressed on top of your eyelashes will generally do the work. A nourishing oil may be applied with a separate spoolie to the lashes. Put the brush to use from the roots and work your way down to the ends carefully. 

1. After some time, the lashes curled over closest to the eye

Using an at-home lash lift kit is a low-cost and low-stress option for a beginner to acquire gorgeous lashes. Nonetheless, it is probable that the first time you use the kit, you won’t be satisfied with the outcomes. If your lashes appeared perfect immediately after the treatment, but then were too curled, later on, you probably hurried a step.

2. The glue that wasn’t thoroughly rinsed away was to blame

The majority of individuals think that getting the lash lift wet is a bad idea. This may be the case sometimes. If you wash your face with hot water, the curl in your lashes will go. The second solution used to curl the lashes must be carefully washed away. The adhesive dried in the crevices, causing your lashes to curl too much. The lashes’ form shifted when the glue cured. Fortunately, this is a simple problem to solve. After using the cleansing solution and the nourishing lotion, all you have to do to remove the glue from your eyelid is run a warm, moist cotton swab along it a few times. And you will be set to go.

3. Connections between lashes have been joined together

Sorry to be the one to break it to you, but if your eyelashes have fused together, no amount of eye makeup remover can separate them. A keratin lash lift, which makes use of cysteine, is your sole alternative. The perming ingredient in this treatment reduces the frizz and kinks from your lashes.

Cysteine boosts your lash’s pH level and opens the hair scales. This slowly raises them apart. Because cysteine requires heat to activate, once the pressure is removed, the lashes go back to their original shape. Treatment with keratin restores the lashes’ strength and hydration. It’s best to wait a few weeks before using your lash perm kit again. This takes us to our next error and how you may prevent it:

4. The eyelashes are crimpled and crossed

It is common for this error to occur after the adhesive has been removed and before the second solution has been applied. Any remaining glue might potentially ruin the rest of the treatment.

Here is what you should do in a nutshell. When applying the glue, split the lashes into three sections . Use the rod to apply the solution upward and straight. If you observe that they are clinging together, separate them after a few seconds. 

5. Even though they’re made of silicone, the pads aren’t sticking

If this occurs and you persist in lifting your lashes, you risk tearing out your eyelashes. Because your eyelashes weren’t adequately cleansed, the silicone pads kept shifting. Because of the oil’s slippery aftereffects, adhesive application may be inconsistent. You may also shield your eyelids from the adhesive and make it simpler to apply the pads with more precision by taping them in place.

The lashes may overcurl or seem crinkled if the adhesive is not applied and removed correctly, as we discussed before. Misplacement of the lifting pad is another common faux pas that may ruin the natural curve of your eyelashes. When the pad is positioned just below the lash line, just the tips of the eyelashes are curled.

What is the aftercare of lash lift? 

We understand that it may be difficult to cover all of the following topics during lash lift visits, and it would be unrealistic to assume that your customers would retain every detail. Thus, it is suggested that you make a compact “Lash Lift Aftercare Card,” which may contain a simplified version of the following instructions.

1. Steering clear of wetness

In the wake of a lash treatment, the first 24 to 48 hours are crucial. In order for the biochemical effects to settle in permanently, this period of time is required. Quickly mentioning that customers should avoid getting their lashes wet at this period is simple, but offering a little more detail may make all the difference! You shouldn’t only tell them to stay out of the water; you should also tell them to stay away from the steam.

2. Seeking coolness

When caring for lash lifts, it’s also important to remember that prolonged exposure to heat should be avoided. Applying heat to the eye area might undo the lash lift, leaving the customer frustrated. To prevent your client from becoming disappointed, you should advise them to stay out of the sun for at least 48 hours after their treatment.

3. Eschew using harsh products

When advising customers on how to care for their lashes following a lash lift, it’s crucial to stress the need to avoid any harsh cosmetic or chemical treatments. Although we anticipate that our customers would want to get right back into their regular skin care regimen, they may need to make some modifications.

Customers should be warned that using exfoliating cleansers or products containing Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) might have a detrimental effect on lash lift. Instead, you should use a mild cleanser or lash shampoo. With the increased use of active compounds in skincare products – generally acids – this is becoming more vital to highlight. They should utilize these miracle products elsewhere on their face, but not near their eyes.

4. Use makeup with caution

Like skincare products, make-up may also have a harmful influence on lash lifts – particularly if applied during the first 24-48 hours following treatment. Since they need more effort to remove, waterproof mascara and similar cosmetics should be avoided.

Many of your lash lift customers have likely already tried using castor oil and other all-natural remedies. However, you should not do this after getting a lash lift. The effects of a lash perm may be undone by the application of oil, which causes the lashes to straighten.

5. Don’t give in to the urge to rub

It’s common knowledge that rubbing your eyes may feel great. However, remind your customers that pushing or tugging too harshly on the eye region, especially within the first 24 hours following a lash lift, may have a major impact on the appearance and cause the lashes to straighten.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to lash lift growing out weird

What can you do if your eyelash lift has grown out?

Fortunately, this is a simple problem to solve. After using the cleansing solution and the nourishing lotion, all you have to do to remove the glue from your eyelid is run a warm, moist cotton swab along it a few times. And then you’ll be ready to leave.

When lash lifts lose their effect, what can you expect to happen?

Like perm hair, your lash lift will be permanent if you maintain it, but it will lose its curling effect as your lashes grow out.

When I have a lash lift, why do my lashes seem so unnatural?

If you’ve done a lash lift at home and some of the perming glue has gotten into your eyes, you should give your eyes a good cleaning with your lash cleaner and a warm cotton pad. There should be a noticeable slackening of your eyelashes.

After getting a lash lift, will my lashes grow out naturally?

After around two months, the effects of a lash lift will have worn off, and your lashes will have returned to their original appearance. In a well-balanced eye, the lashes will fall in a straight line. After at least a month has passed, or after they have returned to their normal condition, you may decide to repeat the procedure.

When do your eyelashes stop growing back after getting a lift?

Although everyone has a somewhat different lash cycle, most customers report that their keratin lash lifts last anywhere from six to eight weeks. As your lashes continue to develop and lengthen, the lash lift gradually becomes less noticeable.


Because of the instruction we received from Nouveau, our lash artists know that the lifting serum and setting serum should only be applied halfway up the lash, not from the root. Processing risks increase as you go from the roots to the tips.

Each person has a unique lash cycle; as time passes, your old lashes naturally shed, and new ones grow in. If your lash cycle is very lengthy, for example, more than eight weeks, your lashes may dry out a little at the conclusion of the cycle following an LVL. However, for most individuals, lash renewal occurs within 6-ish weeks.

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