What is the Difference of Shimmer vs Glitter Eyeshadow?

What is the Difference of Shimmer vs Glitter Eyeshadow?

Shimmer eyeshadow

What is the Difference of Shimmer vs Glitter Eyeshadow?

What is shimmer eyeshadow and why is it used? 

Shimmer eyeshadow is a form of makeup that is used to highlight the eyes’ lids, brow bones, and corners. Shimmer eyeshadow is made up of tiny particles that mimic light. Some people choose to use this sort of shimmery eyeshadow only on the brow bone and inner corners of their eyes, and matte eyeshadow on the lids.  

The eyeshadow adds dimension, colour, and appeal to the eyes. This can be combined with matte eyeshadow to create a sophisticated look without going crazy with the glitz. This eyeshadow draws attention to the brow bone and eyes, making them appear lighter and more accessible and the wearer appear more alert. 

The eyeshadow is available in nearly any colour imaginable, both warm and cold. Eyeshadow is often sold in pre-made colour kits containing three or more complementary shades. Silver and white eyeshadows are usually used to emphasize the eyes rather than as a full-coverage colour. However, when it comes to shimmer eyeshadow, be cautious and use it sparingly, as excessive makeup can make people appear too young or inexperienced. 

Glitter eyeshadow

What is the Difference of Shimmer vs Glitter Eyeshadow?

Eventually, what is glitter eyeshadow and why is it used? 

A glittery eyeshadow palette makes it much easier to draw attention to your eyes, highlight your skin tone, or dress up a casual outfit. Glitter-based powders and shadows contain microscopic particles that can irritate your eyes. Glitter has resurfaced in a big way, and glitter eyeshadow is a great way to work it into party appearances. 

Craft glitter, on the other hand, is made of simple metal and, if it gets into your eyes, this could cause tiny tears and eye irritation that you might not realize before you begin to feel uncomfortable. It’s really best to start with your glitter eye look in case you’re doing a full-face makeup. 

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Top FAQs on  Shimmer vs Glitter Eyeshadow

What is the difference between shimmer and metallic eyeshadow? 

A shimmer eyeshadow is one that contains very small glitter pieces. They are simply made up of small particles that reflect light. A metallic material does not appear metallic at first glance, and it might have more of a shiny look than shimmer, but up close, you can see the shimmer that is created due to our skin’s lack of smoothness. 
Metallic eyeshadows, unlike normal shimmery eyeshadows, have a much more coloured, high-shine, metal-like texture. Metallic is a finer finish that can provide a less grainy, nearly metal-like sheen. To offer a more foiled impact, they appear to have an embedded gold or silver shimmer. However, some brands simply refer to it as the colour metallic because the main shade resembles metal. 

Is shimmer the same as glitter? 

In terms of the environment, shimmer and glitter are interchangeable. They’re all microplastics, with the only distinction being the fineness with which they’re ground.
Plastic is often used to make cosmetic glitter. The texture of glitter particles is typically thicker. As the particle size is reduced, glitter becomes a shimmer. Both are being used in cosmetics to give skin a healthy glow and a glistening sheen. The bigger the glitter particle size, the more makeup flaws would be highlighted. 
Similarly, a shimmer eyeshadow contains finely milled glitter crystals. Glitter is similar to shimmer, but shimmer is more translucent and spread out, while glitter is opaquer and more noticeable. 


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