What Can I Use Instead of Nail Glue: Guide with Alternatives

What Can I Use Instead of Nail Glue: Guide with Alternatives

When applying fake nails or press-on nails, nail glue is one of the quickest and easiest techniques. In addition, this is the procedure that most nail technicians use and suggest. However, some people may be allergic to Nail Glue or find it excessively powerful or harsh on their nails, so they don’t use nail glue & want to use any alternatives to it.

So, the real question is, What can I use instead of nail glue? There are various alternatives to nail glue to apply nail polish. These include double-sided tape or nail tabs, clear nail polish, base coat & white glue, and an acrylic mixture. 

4 best nail glue alternatives that are safe and yet strong

Nail adhesive is a quick and simple way to secure your press-on nails or fake nails in place. As a nail technician, this is the procedure I use and recommend to the majority of my clients. However, there are disadvantages to using nail glue, too.

Some people may be allergic to it, while others may find it too powerful or rough on their nails. Fortunately, aside from the traditional ways detailed in this article, there are many different options for applying your press-on or false nails.

1. Insert Tabs for Nails

Nail tabs are a type of double-sided tape designed specifically for attaching fake nails and Press Nails to real nails. They are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate nails of all shapes and sizes. The primary issue with nail tabs is that they don’t last as long as nail glue does.

But they’re easier on the nails and let you reuse your Press on Nails. Really mild on the nails. Nail Tabs may be removed without the need for damaging chemicals like acetone and will not harm your nail plate. Removable with Minimal Effort – Put your fingers and toes into a bowl of warm, soapy water for a couple of minutes. Nail tabs are great if you wish to reuse your press-on nails, as they facilitate their removal without causing any damage.

2. Acrylic Blend

Fake or press-on nails can be glued on with an acrylic mixture. To clarify, when I say “Acrylic Mixture,” I mean the liquid and powder used to create acrylic nails. The use of acrylics as glue for press-on or fake nails is likely the most long-lasting and sturdy option.

Extremely long-lasting; resistant to moisture, heat, and pressure. Durable; an effective application can maintain its effects for three weeks or more. Nail tips and full-coverage press-on nails can also benefit from this product.

3. Gel polish, often known as a polyol, is a type of gel nail polish.

Use Gel Nail Polish or Polygel as an adhesive for your Press On or Fake Nails in specific situations. However, Gel Nail Polish has a major flaw as glue: it isn’t reliable. This is because the Press on nails’ color affects how well they work. Gel polish is most effective on fake nails that aren’t an extremely dark shade.

This is because UV or Led light needs to penetrate the Press on Nail in order to cure the polish, and nails that are too dark will prevent that from happening. However, Gel Polish can be an extremely effective adhesive for clear or almost clear Press on Nails, keeping them in place for two to four weeks.

4. Easy-to-Make Nail Glue

An easy and inexpensive DIY nail glue can be made by mixing transparent glue with clear normal nail polish (Base Coat). Citation. Despite the glue’s lack of durability, it should be able to keep your artificial nails in place for at least a day, perhaps more, depending on how active you are.

How to make easy homemade nail glue?

Put some glue in a tiny container, filling it up about halfway.

First, you should sterilize the container. You can find glue in any craft or department store. Simply fill the rest of the tiny bottle with clear nail paint. Using a coat of clear polish on your nails prior to applying adhesive will ensure optimal adhesion. To use a Q-tip, trim off the end. To combine the adhesive and clear nail paint, use the end not attached to the cotton.

It’s also what you’ll use to smear the nail adhesive onto your fingernails. Use the cotton side, and bits of cotton will become embedded in your nails. For the homemade glue to fully set, you must press the fake nail firmly down onto the genuine nail for at least one minute. Complete hardening occurs after roughly 10 minutes.

Nail glue alternatives for when you are in a pinch

It’s true that nail tabs are a great alternative to nail glue. Press-on nails require special double-sided tape. They can be trimmed to the perfect length and shape to fit your nail. Although nail tabs don’t last as long as nail glue, they’re easier on the nails. Unlike natural nails, your nail plate won’t be destroyed by the time your artificial nail has reached the end of its useful life. Taking them off is as simple as soaking them in warm water; no acetone is necessary.

False nails may be applied in a flash using only nail glue. However, it has a number of drawbacks: it dries up rapidly, can be rough on your nails, and runs out soon. You might be surprised to learn that other options are available. Some are even more effective than regular nail adhesive. Glue for the nails is a common recommendation from manicurists. Some people may be allergic to it, while others may feel that it damages their natural nails too much.

How to put on fake nails without glue?

When it comes to keeping your fake nails in place, you have a few alternatives. These alternatives to glue are great for people who like to experiment with their style frequently or who want to wear artificial nails for an event but don’t want to commit to wearing them for a week or more.

Use nail tabs for a more stable hold. Adhesive tabs, rather than glue, are used to secure some types of false nails. These adhesive tabs are pre-cut to suit fingernails and feature two sticky sides. They can potentially hang around for several days.

Double-sided fashion tape can be used to achieve a similar effect temporarily. The fashion tape can stay in place for a few hours, but it won’t harm your nails or skin if you decide to take it off early. It may keep fake fingernails in place for a full day. This is the ideal plan of action if you have a weekend wedding or date but need to get your nails done before going back to work on Monday.

This tape can be used to keep strapless dresses in place. Put it between the item of clothing and your skin in this standard placement. It’s available for purchase from a variety of retail outlets, including warehouse clubs, malls, and the internet. In addition to major internet retailers, you can find it at smaller ones as well.

What can I use instead of nail glue for acrylic nails?

Nail glue is one of the simplest methods for affixing press-on or false nails. As a corollary, this is the method advocated by and used by the vast majority of nail salons.

Nail Glue is used by many individuals, but there are those who are allergic to it or who find it too strong or too harsh on their nails who prefer not to use it and are open to trying alternatives. When it comes to applying nail polish, you don’t need to rely on nail glue. Nail tabs or double-sided tape, base coat and white glue, and an acrylic compound are all good examples.

1. You can use double-sided tape or nail tabs

Nail Tabs are a special double-sided tape designed for use with artificial nails and Press On Nails. There is a wide selection of sizes to accommodate different nail lengths. These polishes are gentler on your nails and can be reapplied if necessary. A major drawback of nail tabs is that they don’t last as long or as securely as nail glue does.

2. Gel polish for nails

Gel nail polish can be used in place of traditional nail adhesive while applying false nails. Gel nail polish is a fantastic adhesive that will keep your false nails in place for weeks. Check out this video for instructions on how to attach artificial nails using gel nail polish as an adhesive.

3. The combination of a base coat and white glue

To prevent the nail polish from staining the nail bed, a base coat is applied first. Because of this, the glue doesn’t have to compete with the oils in your fingernails, which helps the false nail stay put. A base coat and regular adhesive will keep your false nails in place. The base coat does not need to be dry before you apply the faux glue. The next step is to apply the artificial nails and wait a while for the desired effect.

4. A Second Adhesive

Too much Crazy Glue can be harmful to the nail and the nail bed due to the potency of its chemical composition. Once the additional glue dries, it will become hard and cause lumpy skin patches.

5. Easy-to-make nail glue

Nail adhesive that you produce yourself will work just as well as store-bought glue for affixing artificial nails to your real nails. In addition, there will be no allergic reactions to worry about while using homemade nail adhesive.

Can you use gel polish as nail glue?

If you are someone who enjoys doing their nails and is always on the lookout for new and exciting trends, then you have probably never considered using gel nail polish. People’s nails take on an unrepeatable new dimension with this innovative shade of nail lacquer.

You can use a brush to apply the clear gel nail adhesive; that is one variety of this product. Gel nail adhesive does not come off or chip after it has been applied. There is a wide variety of this nail adhesive available, including numerous colors. Nails that have been painted but could use some reinforcement can use this. Gel nail adhesive is a popular alternative to traditional nail glue for numerous reasons.

Intricate nail designs are challenging to achieve with normal nail polish, but this product simplifies the process. Thicker nails can also benefit from this product because the end result will be very convincing fake nails without the hassle. Gel polish is currently one of the most sought-after trends in the cosmetics industry.

Debenhams’ newest collection is a gel-like substance that can be applied to the nails and remain in place for up to 12 weeks. Can gel nail paint stay on your nails, though? This article may pique your attention for a variety of reasons, like your desire to learn how to prevent your nails from becoming excessively smeared or how to make a good impression on your friends.

Applying a thick coat of gel nail polish onto your long nails is a no-brainer if you want to avoid breaking them, but you’re surely aware of how challenging it can be to remove the polish once it’s been put on.

Can you use eyelash glue for fake nails?

Eyelash glue, sticky or nail glue, but for a variety of functions. In order to secure the eyelid to the eyelid, eyelash glue is typically employed. Fur can be added to the skin (eyelash) with this method (eyelid). Acyl plastic (artificial nails) was used to apply nail adhesive to the nail plate (a hard substance that is made of keratin).

An analogy with weak adhesive strength is drawn between this glue and nail glue. Due to the eyelash glue’s strong adhesive properties, neither substance need to be fragile. Warm water and a gentle cleanser can make it a breeze to clean your face and eyes. If you like, you can provide your own nail adhesive, which is readily available for purchase. An Eyelash for the Cleavage. 

I bought some artificial nails, but when I opened the package, I saw there was no glue included. Plastic abs are another option. Specifically, for nails, nail glue is produced. The business relies on clients investing in eyelash extensions. You might look like a lost cause, but without the help of a standard eyelid glue, you can still acquire the look you want.

It’s not harmful in and of itself, but prolonged exposure to the eyes can trigger allergies and other issues (clogged ducts, loss of eyelashes). It is an extremely powerful solution designed to prevent maladjustment, irritation, and peeling.

Several methods exist for securing artificial nails. Although these approaches might not stay as long as the glue, they are fantastic if you want a lot to modify your style or if you want to wear fake clots for a certain chance, but you don’t want to wear them for a week or more. 

Watch Testing 3 nail glue substitutes for press-on nails | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to what can I use instead of nail glue

I need an alternative to nail glue; what do you recommend?

A nail file or buffer, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol or nail acetone, and some basic cuticle oil are all you need to remove nail polish.

The composition of nail glue?

Nail glue, which can also be used to adhere to artificial eyelashes, is often made from a blend of alcohol, cyanoacrylate, and photo-bonded methacrylate.

Is it okay to use nail adhesive on bare skin?

This suggests that nail adhesive is potentially harmful, which is unfortunate. It can cause chemical burns and irritation if it comes into contact with the skin. 1 Some sections of your fingers may even stick together if you’re not careful. Nail glue has exceptional adhesion, making it challenging to remove from the skin.

When does nail glue go bad?

When nail glue adhesive is nearing the end of its useful life, threads may form during application. The glue’s consistency will change from that of new glue to something more like a thick syrup. Remember that unopened nail glue adhesive has a shelf life of only 12 months.

In what ways long does nail glue hold?

Nail polish should last for two weeks with the help of a good nail adhesive that dries swiftly. If your press-on nails start to peel off, you can use this adhesive to reattach them quickly.


Many of us have yet to resolve our complicated feelings about nail glue. There is little debate that nail glue is the most long-lasting and reliable adhesive for most purposes. Nail adhesive, on the other hand, has several downsides that can’t be overlooked.

We’ve all seen what it does when it gets trapped in our hair or on our clothes, and it’s not the healthiest substance for our skin or nails. Fortunately, we’ve found some reliable alternatives to the glue that can keep your DIY nails in place without all the hassle.

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