What Does Black Eyeshadow Primer Do & How to Use It Guide

What Does Black Eyeshadow Primer Do & How to Use It? | Guide

What is black eye shadow primer?

What Does Black Eyeshadow Primer Do & How to Use It  Guide

You probably made your shadows vibrant and your eyes pop with the base of the white eye shadows, but have you ever tried black eye shadow base before? YouTuber Beauty Stephanie from SLMissGlam shows how this NYX black eye shadow base can make your eyes really popular, especially with new NYX prismatic eye shadows.

Bold Black Eyeshadow Primer makes any eyeshadow into a new hue, doubling the wardrobe of your shadow. This primer offers a beautiful black surface for every skin type and tone to create a smooth appearance as you transform the shadow and shine of your shadow.

Our Neutral Eyeshadow First serves as a base to maintain your shadows and brighten your color. Give your eyelid a few dots and mix for a basis to build a durable look without plunging or fading.

Regardless of the shade of your eyes, these versatile primers keep your look fresh from day to day.

What is black eye shadow primer used for?

What Does Black Eyeshadow Primer Do & How to Use It? | Guide

It may appear like pain to add an extra product into your make-up routine, particularly if you are not sure whether it is entirely required. But what if you think it’s more vital? Many people regard first-hand eyeshadows as an apparently unimportant product. Can you really purchase a primer to only be worn under your eye shadow?

Will it add real results in this additional step? Well, yes, as it happens. We would argue that an eye primer is definitely worth it and can really benefit from it. Below, we share the top 6 reasons for using eye shadow primers before the application, plus how to add them exactly to your application for makeup.

Black Radiance base and eye shade primer makes the ideal canvas for fluid and powdered eye shadows. Discover the first eye in a range of shades between light hues and black eye-shadows. Our light, creamy eyelid base increases the color payoff and performance of our eyelids. To amplify any, make up look, apply the Black Radiance Eye Shadow Prime!

It should come without surprise, when your Makeup begins to move or fade in time, if you wear eye shadow without a first underneath. Your eyelids can start to look fat all day long and the excess oils can make your eye shade fade. What a shame to see that this is waste so quickly when you’ve picked, purchased, and applied your eye shadow! This is where the first eye comes in. Apply one to your shadow before dusting helps to make your eye makeup longer. And who doesn’t really want it?

Before using an eyeliner, eye primers may be used — they are not only beneficial to your shadows. The performance is a perfect flick or dramatic cat eye, but when you start to rub your liner only after a few hours is not so satisfying. Continue reading and how to use eye primers.

How do you use the shadow first of black eye?

What Does Black Eyeshadow Primer Do & How to Use It? | Guide

Everyone says that the secret fuses your eye shadow right on top of a cute eye first. Let me break it down if this makes no sense for you.

Many people like to put the primer with a matt eye shade that is near their skin tone when you make your eyes with an eye shadow first. (Is it difficult to mix up the shadow by placing a shadow on a wet base? After all, the shadow will stick and stay right in where the shadow is put. It makes it easier to mix any other shadow on top of you once this shadow dries.

The best way to build a dramatic, winged smoky eye is by first creating a gradient on your deck with black eyeshadow. Work the lightest in the top of your lid darker charcoal, gray and silver and blend in with your real wing, using just your black shadow. Swallow out your fingers slightly (and gently!) to create a soft edge wing and not a sharp and accurate tip.

You should be clear about how to apply the black eye shadow when you want to have a black eye. Obviously, you cannot first be perfect in your hands and so be experimental and learn how to use the perfect dark eye shadow before using the black eye make-up on any occasion.

Application of the Black Eyeshadow

You might end up having a disaster if you don’t know the right techniques, so the best way is to learn of your mistakes, and you will be a master gradually.

No doubt, black eye make-up is very demanding these days and you can see women holding black eye shadows at night parties, especially for a Halloween party or a clothes party. There was a time when most women did not prefer black eye shadows but the shift in beauty and fashion industry has also greatly changed the preferences of women in terms of makeup.

Here, by applying black eye shade accurately, you will learn more black smokey eye make-up.


Eyelids is one place you may forget to clean, but before you lay products on top you have to remove excess oils or eye makeup. Use a gentle purifier to do this, such as a sparkling water. Complete cleanser of the water of the Micellar Cleanser Micellar Paris. Waterproof – Wipe across eyes gently and all skin types in a single step to become completely clean

Use the primer on your eyelids once your face is cleansed to help make your makeup stay longer than 3-5 hours. Upon making eye makeup for a short time, some women normally skip using primer. The primer works very well when you mix the eyeshadows. Therefore, a lasting eyeshadow is better to place a first.

Step 2:

Now, a concealer must be used both in the eyes and under the eyes. Make sure that your skin mixes well.

Step 3:

The next step is to apply the dark shadow of your eyes, which you expect to learn to apply the black color correctly and easily on your eyelids.

It is recommended to use a contrast color on the center of the eyelid to enhance the effect of black eye shading. The best way to get black is by choosing dark green, violet or dark peach, or any colour.

The black eye shadow on the eyelid must be restored to cover the contrast colour. When reapplying, ensure the entire eyelid is covered.

Step 4:

You now have to add the shimmering white eye shadow on the eyelids to cover the rest of the eyes. You should apply the whiteness of the eye from the plume to the bones of the eyebrow.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to give your dark eyeshadow a finishing touch. Apply eyewear to your preferred eyes or to your eyes in moderate to thick form.

Step 6:

Mascara can’t be forgotten! Complete your look with a few coats of the Voluminous Lash Paradise Washable Mascara in L’Oréal Paris.

Top 5 black eye shadow primers

First things first: Are your beauty routine primers a must? “Most people usually don’t use the first eyeshadow every day,” says Latisha Rankin, a famous New York based maquillage artist. “Those with lifestyles where their benefits are needed, however,” she said. This means you can use an eye shadows primer as extra weapons to help your make-up last throughout the day if you are a cycling fanatic, work long hours, or are hustling 24 hours a year.

Explore the best eyelids in the drugstore with all these tips in mind.

1. Eye Appeal™ Eye Shadow Primer & Base

Eye Appeal™ Eye Shadow Primer & Base

A high-definition premiere, the perfect canvas for using powder and cream eye shadow formulas is introduced in the new Black Radiance® Eye AppealTM Shadow Base. The light creamy formula smoothens fine lines and prepares eyelids to increase the payoff color and provide lasting crease-proof wear for the look of a high definition.

2. Nyx professional makeup Eyeshadow Base Primer, Black

Nyx professional makeup Eyeshadow Base Primer, Black

BASE Your Shade on this: BASE YOUR Shade on this: Eyeshadow Basic is a cream shadow primary in shades, which ensures a smooth application of the eyeshadow, prolongs wear and even intensifies the pigments

Intensify eyeshadow: Intensive your pigments, and use this eyeshadow base to enhance your lids. Use a light shade to enhance your eye shadow or the black first, or natural shade with the skin tone first base.

Complete your look with our full range of NYX Professional makeup products from pallets to eyeshadows, mascara, eyeliners, concealers, sprays and artifacts.

3. Eye shadow base

Eye shadow base

Maximize your shadows with our primers of the eye intensity, longevity and brilliance. Each of the NYX Professional Eye Shadow Bases creates smooth color canvases, enhances their durability and prevents collapse. Use our Eye Shadow Base in Black to easily increase the payoff of the shadow to create depth, dimension and drama.

4. Best for Oily Lids: Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Base, Prime + Smooth

 Maybelline New York Master Prime Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Base, Prime + Smooth

Either late at night or early in the mornings, you’ll immediately catch a swipe of this luminous formula. The pinky champagne color is super flat, with the right amount of radiance to shine your eyes, without turning to a sparkling area. The thing is so nice, that you can use it on your own, you don’t need a shadow topper.

5. Stay don’t stray 360 stay put eye shadow primer

Stay don’t stray 360 stay put eye shadow primer

This dual power supply works around the eyes 360 degrees to keep dissidents and eyeshadows. Cloakers do not grow; shadows of the eyes are true and dynamic. Stay Don’t Stray now has a new dip-n-dab wand for easier application in two neutral shades that matches all skin tones. Note: only a dab’s going to do ya!

Watch Classic black Smokey eyes tutorial | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answer related to Black eyeshadow primer

What is it that you should use primer with black eyeshadow?

Our daring black eyeshadow first turns every eye shadow into a new color that doubles the cloakroom of your shadow. This first floor, which is beautiful in all skin styles and colours, offers a smooth black surface for a smooth look while transforming its shade.

What’s the best eye shadow primer?

· Veil Eye Primer Hourglass.
· Eyeshadow Covergirl Lid Up First.
· Cosmetics Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer
· Urban Decay Eyeshadow First Potion.

Must you use primer before your eyeshadow?

If you have oily eyelids, you must have a shadow all day long. Preventing Creasing and Swallowing: Primer is useful for preventing blindness or muddling in warm, damp weather.

Can you use the white eyeshadow as primer?

Here is How the first works of Eyeshadow:
Primers, particularly those with nude or white tones, are clean canvases to distinguish all shadow colours.

What can be used as substitute of eyeshadow primer?

Aloe vera gel is making marvels for your face. Hide-and-seekers are lightweight and durable. … Highlighter. Highlighters can be used as an eyeshadow base too. …
· Eyeliner pencil
· Foundation
· Lip gloss


Black eyeshadow primer

Hope, you’re now clear how to correctly and effectively apply black eye shadow with a primer. It’s not that hard, really. Only by following those steps will you have confidence in your amazing black-eye looks.

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