Hi, my name is Jane Castro and I am certified beautician and aesthetician. I am married. Blessed with 2 beautiful kids and all above I am blessed to have you people as my community who are currently reading this, to know more about me.

I thank all of you, who made it possible for me to come all the way here through all those issues I faced being a blogger and I thought that time is no farther when I would give up. That was the time when you people had my back, I felt you as my strength and you didn’t let me hold back. You people put your trust in me and I had to make it worth it. so, here I am, and its all because of your love.  

So, after all those struggles and then being so busy with all the stuff that lead me here, I realized that I didn’t even let all my lovely people about me anything much yet, so even though I don’t get enough time now with my kids growing up and so I my website, I thought my followers deserve to know more about me, why not share my “success story”, (haha.. don’t take that too serious), with all of you, so I took out little time to write about myself for those who might be interested to know. 

That was quite like an introduction, but let’s take you back to the good old days of my life, yes I am talking about high school days. You might be surprised to know that I wasn’t a big fan of makeup, skincare and all. Not a complete nerd but yes, I really was into nerd things more than being a beauty queen. And I didn’t think any of this as a necessary part of life, until Henry came in, first love of my life and you know how it is, having butterflies in your stomach and black mind with not being able to think any further.

So, this is when I started feeling like, I should look good, better than anyone so he come to me and me only. Yeah yeah, I was thinking like an average high schooler. That was when I started getting to know about things. Makeup, skin care, hair care, all of it looked like a dream and eventually, I was enjoying it. spending money on myself, looking good. Though Henry didn’t come around, that’s another part of story, which makes Clark daddy of my 2 adorable kids 😛 

Henry was into some other girl, so I never got to tell him how I feel and I had to let go, but my love for makeup didn’t go after that. I kept knowing and loving more facts and products I got introduced day by day. And until, after high school, when I got enrolled in college, I was completely obsessed with all of it that I decided to study more about being self-care, skin care and beauty products, what and what not to be used.

This is when I took additional course and workshop known as “You are beautiful, all you got to do is present it”. 

After that, I also took a short diploma and training from renowned beautician Laura Claire who trained me herself, how lucky. There are still a lot of things I might not know, but a person learns with experience, so this was when I thought I should open my very own beauty clinic to help people who are new to this and want to look gorgeous and feel confident. 

Back then, when I opened my clinic, I never thought I would start a blog one day, but that is exactly what I thought about makeup when I was in high school. So here I am. I feel the craving of letting as many people know what I know about all of it as I can. Not everyone has got time for all these trainings, diplomas or short courses, but everyone definitely wants to look beautiful so let be it! 

Stay stunning and keep mesmerizing others!