Why Are My Eyebrows Lighter Than My Hair Guide

Why Are My Eyebrows Lighter Than My Hair? | Guide

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Why Are My Eyebrows Lighter Than My Hair  Guide

The trends of Eyebrow don’t always look good for everyone, and many of us have the photos of high school to prove this. Fortunately, the brow trends this year are more about colour and contrast than about changing the form, meaning that we all can pin the tweezers.

As seen by poster baby Cara Delevingne, the light hair/dark brow look is an easy to assess trend. You’re all set for blonds that were born with this combo. You can quickly get a contrasting brow with a powder or pencil for blonds with light brows. It’s a moot point for brunettes. However, as many celebrities do, you can do the reverse and try lighter eyebrows than your hair.

Eyebrows are a major component of our day-to-day makeup. We spend a lot of time perfecting our brow shape, but often don’t think about the correct shade and colour of our products. You change the colour of the eyebrow product when you change your hair colour.

Why are my eyebrows lighter than my hair?

eyebrows lighter than my hair

Natural eyebrows are usually darker or similar to the colour of natural hair. Just imagine a person with light brown brow and blonde hair, it might look like a totally natural blend. But it looks very unnatural if you picture someone with dark hair and blonde brows.

I’d say the difference is due to the coarseness of the hair in darkness or pigmentation. A natural look is traditionally the goal in the beauty industry. Brows should be the same or darker than hair in this case. But be creative and have fun if you are interested in non-traditional fashion.

You could have a glow of the brows due to sunlight and ultraviolet bleaching, or simply treat the genetics of your body that dictate that your facial hair colours are going to become lighter when you grow older.

I’m afraid your only genuine solution is to match your hair colour with your brows, or to use hair colour to match your hair colour very carefully.

The choice to colour their brows takes a less permanent form for many women who experience this. They only use an eyebrow or a brown mascara to colour their brow’s hair in the more traditional shade.

I am sure a stylist or estheticist in your local salon will use the cosmetic approach to do something about the look and restore the darkness of your brow. I think that this approach will take some practise.

Due to exposure to sunlight and UV bleaching of sunlight, you may have noticed that your hair is lightened in the summer. Eyebrows do so, too, so don’t be worried if this is the case. If you’re not exposed to the sun for a while, it will all be normal.

You can also simply deal with the genetics of your body, which change the colour of your face hair (and so also your eyebrows). This can happen when you get older and nothing to worry about.

Now you can (certainly the genetics) do something about this, because you can start matching your eyebrow colour to what used to be.

Should your eyebrows be lighter or darker than your hair?

eyebrows lighter than my hair

Everything happens in hair colour these days. And brows appear to be used to express more and more personality and style; with far more prevalent contrasts between hair and brows.

But this alternative appearance can be unflattering and often a step too far.

So how do you make a look right for you with your brows?

The question is, do you prefer to stand out with a bold declaration brow? If so, make the brows “pop” as they are the darkest feature on the face. Color your brows shade or two darker than the hair colour.

However, if you’re looking for a subtle, natural look, choose the same colour as your hair or maybe a lighter shade. This will ease the overall look and make all your features mingle rather than make one stand out.

We would advise from experience to colour your eyebrows 1 or 2 lighter or darker shades than your colour in your hair! Black brows would certainly be a courageous statement on someone with very light blond hair (Kim K-style), as well as blackened brows on someone with dark hair.

You won’t go too light, of course. Then it looks like you have absolutely no eyebrows. “I’m not a lightning brows fan,” said KimaraAhnert, a maquillage artist at NYC. “It doesn’t always look right.”

So how can this be done best? It’s certainly not with bleach. “Fill your brows in a lighter colour,” said Ahnert. Use a light/medium brown pencil if you have dark brown hair. Use a taupe/dark blond pencil, etc. if you’ve got light brown hair. Use the pencil to feed in a little colour wherever your brows are thin or sparse and then blend it with a spooly brush to blur visible lines.

You can also use tinted brow gel to tint them lightly more lightly than your brows. “This looks full and definite while still looking natural,” explains Ahnert. “Not to overpower your feature, browsing should complement the face.”

There is of course always Door #3: brows in which your hair is the same colour. Nature has been the flattering option for many of us, and that is probably the reason why so many women are left alone. Matching brows are almost always the best route for redheads in particular, as shown by the lovely Deborah Ann Woll.

If your eyebrows are too light, what to do?

eyebrows lighter than my hair

A lot of mixed information about the colour to fill in our brows is available. But the ultimate no-no was going too light in accordance with Benefit global browsing authority Jared Bailey. “They seem to fall flat when brows are too fair to frame the face,” he says.

The Fix: Choose products that match the base of your hair colour for perfect eyebrows that look completely natural. This means that we should use a shadow for brow that matches our basic colour rather than our highlights. Bailey says it’s cool even to go shade or two darker than your base colour, if you like a bolder brow. “The deeper shade of the filler on your brown will draw your attention and provide an instant eyelid,” he says.

Take a pencil such as Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, $22, to fill your brows quickly and expertly. Start at the base (closest to your nose) of the brow and use small, short strokes to complete the natural shape of the brow. “As if in each individual brow hair, you were drawing,” said Bailey. Then brush with a spoolie through the brow to mix the product with natural finish.

Depending on how permanent you want the results, you have a number of options. Tinting, beaver oil and microblading or powder brows can increase your visibility. The tint lasts from 2–3 weeks and that’s the first thing I would propose. You will try darker brows before you commit to a more permanent thing such as a microblading. Since you’ve said your brows are light, it’ll be much more dark to dying them.

Another option is to use beef oil to promote the growth of new hair in your brows in the evening.

Finally, the longest lasting way to thicken and darken your brows is by microblading or powder brows. It takes 12–24 months before it needs to be reworked. I’ve done my own and I love to no longer worry about making up my brow.

Castor oil is the best naturally used way to thicken your eyes. Take an empty bottle and a mascara wall (you get it from any local stores). Mix 3 centimetres of rice oil with 1 centimetre cocoa oil and apply them periodically to your brows before you go to bed. It feels sticky, but if you are using it regularly, you will see results in 30 days.

Should your hair match your eyebrows?

eyebrows lighter than my hair

Hair and eyebrow colour – should they match or what colour rules should they apply?

The question nowadays is how much your eyebrows and hair colour should fit together.

People ask questions like:

“I’ve got a hair colour question. Should you also get your eyebrows dyed the same colour if you change your hair colour? Although the colour of my hair changes slightly, I’m aware that my eyebrows aren’t quite the same.”

But let us tell you, beware of bleach; Bleaching can turn your brows somewhat orange and also lead to uneven growth, which can sparse them.

At that time, it might seem like a good idea, but in the next 6 to 12 months it will cause many problems.

We hate to break it for you, but you might want to think again if you thought that your brows should match your hair perfectly. Your eyebrows really should be darker than your hair colour, except for pitch black tresses. That’s the natural thing to look at. Then use the L’Oréal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Waterproof Eyebrow Mechanical Pencil in Brunette for your brows if your hair looks like L’Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Tripled Protected Hair Color in Medium Brown. However, don’t go too dark. To avoid a harsh contrast, choose a colour that is only a shade darker than your crumb.

In your brow department you brunette ladies have it easy – you have enough shades to choose from! We recommend you try to tune in as closely as possible with your natural brow shade. Too light is better than too dark, because the latter can be tough.

If you find the right shade difficult, try two! Choose the two shades you can find next to each other and use them both at once. It’s certainly an additional cost, but it’s important to your brows! Just change shades and try the darker shade close to the ark for real pop and definition.

So take your undertone into account. Your brow shade ought to match whether you’re warm, cool or neutral.

Your colour is now almost the same as your colour of your hair. InStyle said, “Your hair on your face and around your face should frame and enhance your natural beauty.” As Christine Thompson, Spoke & Weal Co-owner Color Director, explained. “It is essential to get the tones and the right level, be it soft or strong, to translate your look,” she continued. But just how do you find the right colour for your hair? Do you really need your eyebrows to match your hair?

“No matter what, always go a lighter shade.” According to famous make-up artist Jessica Payne. Byrdie was told that she would “sometimes wear a blonde hue, even with brunettes,” added, “When you try to match your brow’s colour exactly with your hair, you risk that it will look unnatural, just the opposite of the desired effect.” And this applies to all colouring of the brow—if you just fill your brows with a brow tint or use Eyebrow products.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to why are my eyebrows lighter than my hair

Is my hair supposed to be matched with my eyebrows?

Perhaps not. Teasing your brows to match those shades may not be the best option, but they don’t leave them as they are. “A colour of your brows should be the shade of the darkest hair on your head.” Like thinning your hair, a professional should tint your brows.

Should you match your eyebrows?

You try to perfectly match your eyebrows
If your eyebrows looked exactly the same, believe it or not, it wouldn’t look good because they’d be the only symmetrical feature on your face. Just remember that eyebrows are not twins, they are sisters, and you are going to be good.

How can I darken my eyebrows?

Here are some ways to naturally grow large eyebrows:
· Oil of coconut. Coconut oil works both as a conditioner and as a hydrator and is great for enhancing blood flow
· Olive Oil
· Lemon juice
· Yolk’s Egg
· Citrus
· Milk

Why do my eyebrows become lighter?

Hair loss causes eyebrow causes. It could be caused by infections, skin conditions, hormonal changes or an overactive immune system when one or both eyebrows become thin. Nutritional shortcomings, physical trauma, or emotional stress can also cause brows decrease.

Can eyebrows hair be coloured differently?

Your eyebrows really should be darker than your colour, except for pitch black tresses. That’s the natural thing to look at.


eyebrows lighter than my hair

Of course, your whole body’s hair is usually the same colour. You may have a lighter shadow of your body hair, but this depends heavily on your care. But they are mostly the same colour when it comes to hair and eyebrows. If you colour, dye your eyebrows and natural pigment fading because of ageing, this may vary (since eyebrows grey slower than your mane).

One of the main features on your face are your eyebrows. They structure your face and can improve certain features depending on the shape. However, they don’t always have to fit your hair when it comes to colour. Like you want them to be, let them shine!

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