Why Are My Eyelash Extensions Falling Out: Reasons Guide

Why Are My Eyelash Extensions Falling Out: Reasons Guide

Introduction to the topic

You want long, thick eyelashes? Having a hard time applying eyelash extensions or mascara? Looking for a long-lasting product that does what you need it to? What frustrates you about the time and money spent searching for and trying new products? You’re not the only one going through this. You don’t have to go through this alone anymore.

Eyelash extensions are lashes that are affixed to your natural lashes in a semi-permanent manner. Silk, mink, faux-mink, and synthetic fibres are all options for these lashes. Each one has a unique effect, and your salon may or may not have them.

Mascara and false eyelashes aren’t the only options when it comes to eyelashes. You don’t have to remove them to maintain your wonderful appearance throughout the day and night. When you don’t have to put on makeup all the time, you have more time to sleep or have breakfast.

Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?

Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?

In comparison to artificial eyelashes or mascara, eyelash extensions last longer, although depending on where they were applied, they may need to be updated every 2-3 weeks. However, eyelash extensions may come off earlier than that for a variety of causes, such as:

Eyelash shedding is a normal part of the ageing process. Extensions fall out because they are linked to your natural eyelashes, which naturally renew themselves. To get the most out of your extensions, go with the tiniest and lightest possible. It’s easier for your eyelashes to hold on to the softer ones.

The glue used to attach the eyelash extensions can be removed by greasy skin or oily beauty products.

How often do you hear from clients that their lash extensions don’t last as long as they expected? When it comes to lash extensions, many people wonder, “What is the finest glue?” My question is, “How can I extend the life of my eyelash extensions?” My eyelash extensions have started to fall out. Since the beginning of my career, this has been a recurring problem for me as a novice lash technician.

No matter how much time and effort you put into making sure your clients’ lashes stay in place, they’re still losing them. I FEEL YOUR STRESS! Fortunately, I’m here to give you a few pointers on how to get better lash retention and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Eyelash extensions are considered the best beauty innovation since mascara for those of us with short, straight or super-thin eyelashes. In the case of people who are too busy to apply three coats of mascara every morning or who are too anxious to wait for Latisse to take action, lash extensions are an excellent alternative (or a more natural-looking effect, depending on what you prefer). Even so, your (fake) fringe will eventually come to an end, as with all wonderful things.

Losing 3 to 5 lashes each day is considered typical. It is normal for your natural eyelashes to shed and grow back after a certain amount of time. Natural eyelashes can come off when you wipe your eyes. If your eyelash extensions fall out in the first week, that’s not normal. Check to see if your natural lashes (white tips) or the extension area of your lashes are falling off before you call your eyelash artist.

What are the reasons why your eyelash extensions are falling out?

Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?

Some possible causes for the rapid thinning of your eyelash extensions.

Having that feeling is the absolute worst. For the money you spend on eyelash extensions, you’ve put in a lot of time and effort. When you wake up the next morning, there they are, gently resting on your pillow, all your hard work has been for nothing.

As it turns out, there are numerous aspects involved in long-lasting eyelashes, and this article aims to clarify them all.

1. Lash growth cycle

Old lashes fall out and are replaced by new ones as part of the growth cycle of your lashes.

In the anagen stage of the eyelash cycle, lashes are too short and vulnerable to extensions.

During the Catagen Stage, the lash’s active growth phase has come to a stop. Extensions can be applied at this time because they have the longest lifespan.

The telogen stage is when the eyelash reaches the end of its growth cycle and is ready to be shed.

2. Shedding that occurs as a result of natural causes

When the lash’s life cycle is complete, it sheds its dead hairs. It is common for numerous lashes to reach the final stage at the same time, and they will all shed as one. Shedding is the term used to describe this period of time.

The emergence of many newborn lashes signals a shedding phase.

3. Before applying the mascara, your lashes were not thoroughly washed

Before your appointment, make sure your eye area and lashes are clear of any moisturiser or makeup, such as eye shadow or concealer, so your artist has a clean canvas on which to work. Please say it again after I say it. Lash extensions will not adhere to oily or soiled eyelashes.

4. Poor application by technician

A “Chatty Cathy” is generally characterised by watery and fluttery eyes. It is critical that the glue adheres to your natural lash and the extension so that they don’t fall out while you sleep, comb, or cleanse. Make sure you don’t have a cup of coffee before your appointment, and try to keep conversation to a minimal during the session.

5. Skin disorders and prescription drugs

Medication side effects and medical disorders might cause lash thinning or loss. Trichotillomania, alopecia, thyroid disorders and drugs, and blepharitis are among diseases that can have an impact on the retention of our own natural lashes and the extensions we wear on top of them. Oily skin, on the other hand, can cause eyelash extensions to fall out because it interferes with eyelash glue.

Eyelash extensions may not be the ideal option for you if your disease or medication is chronic and you experience it on a daily basis. But if you are concerned about your eyelash and general hair retention, we recommend consulting with a doctor about your medication and circumstances.

6. Putting on a coat of mascara

What is the purpose of mascara?

Make your lashes appear thicker, longer, and curlier.

So, what do you think?

Those are exactly the benefits of lash extensions.

Because of this, applying mascara isn’t necessary after getting eyelash extensions. In fact, studies have shown that mascara, particularly waterproof mascara, can dissolve the glue holding the lashes together. Because of this, it’s possible that applying mascara after getting eyelash extensions is to blame.

7. Oil glands that are overly active

Acne and breakouts are common complaints among women with oily skin. You may be surprised to learn that oily skin might influence your lash extensions in addition to your skin’s health.

Sometimes, lashes don’t stick as well as they should due to the fact that oil on your face might break down the lash adhesive. You may even find that the lashes don’t stay at all if the amount of oils is excessive.

8. Diet

Healthy lashes can be achieved by eating a well-balanced diet. In addition to the positive, there are also some negatives. The health of your hair follicles and the length and strength of your eyelashes can be affected by the vitamins and supplements you take.

9. Humidity

Cyanoacrylate, a component found in every kind of lash adhesive, sets/cure with humidity. During your lash session, if the humidity is particularly high, the adhesive may set too rapidly.

As soon as the glue hardens, it will be difficult for the extension to stay in place for more than a day or two, if at all.

Most lash techs keep an eye on the humidity and have tools to help them control it, but this can be tricky at times.

10. Not enough glue is used

The lash extensions may not be sticking correctly to the natural lash if your lash specialist utilised too little adhesive. The lash extensions will come off easily if this is the case.

Your eyelash extensions should be performed by a certified lash technician, so make sure you do your research! When it comes to your lashes, don’t settle for anything but the best!

11. Your retention may be harmed by the hair product you’re using

Oil-like substances are commonly found in shampoo and conditioner in order to keep our hair healthy. While rinsing out the suds from our hair, we typically see a stream of water that flows into our eyes. Oil from your shampoo and conditioner is clinging to your lash line and weakening the adhesive that holds your extensions in place. After you’ve washed your hair, use your cleanser on your lashes to remove any oil from your hair product!

12. The extension was accidentally selected

If you haven’t gotten used to the feeling of extensions yet, you could feel the want to pick at them. You don’t want to do this to your eyelash extensions just yet because it could cause them to come loose. If you don’t mess with your attractive lashes, they’ll thank you with longer life.

13. I think you’re combing your lashes too much

Is the spoolie being rolled from the root to the tip? In all likelihood, the base of your natural lash extension is catching on your eyelid. Those who think their post-workout regimen is correct are more likely to fall prey to this blunder. Instead, carefully comb your lashes from the root to the tip.

14. Your natural lash can’t handle the weight of your lash extensions

Are you a fan of the look of thick, full lashes? Do you want it to be longer? The extension may have come off prematurely because it was placed on top of too much natural lash weight.

Before each session, your lash artist should discuss your preferences for lash form, curl, diameter, and length with you. A word of advice! Ask how long your natural lashes are and how long the extensions you’re wearing are. Only a few millimetres of variance are acceptable!

To keep your lashes looking their best, what can you do?

Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?

Maintain a regular infill plan to keep your lashes looking their best. Eyelashes grow, fall out, and re-grow on a regular basis.

Your eyelash extension routine will be much more enjoyable once you comprehend this natural procedure! “

Overall! Be at ease knowing that your lash loss isn’t unusual and is simply a result of your hair growing back.

1. Inquire about lighter lashes

According to Bisignano, “the heavier the lash [extensions] are, the more they peel and fall out.” Individual lashes with a diameter of 0.07 to 0.05 millimetres should be requested from your lash specialist since they are more likely to last longer than heavier lashes.

Gafni agrees, recommending that one should: “You should go with extensions that match the contour of your natural eyelashes rather than going for a dramatic look. The shelf life of a lighter lash is longer.”

2. Consider using extensions that recreate your natural lash shape

Tell your esthetician to select extensions that are similar in shape to your natural lashes, advises Bisignano. With straight lashes, “super-curly lashes will fall off prematurely.” There’s still hope for you, straight-lashed girls. A heated eyelash curler, such as the one seen here from Lash Star, can help you get the most out of your extensions.

3. Utilize an eyelash sealer

Keeping your lashes in place for as long as possible is as simple as using an eyelash sealer in the morning. With this method, you can be assured knowing that your extensions will stay in place.

To keep your hair extensions in place and healthy, Bisignano offers the Blink product below, which she claims contains both an acrylic and hyaluronic serum.

Watch How to make your lash extensions last longer | Video

Eyelash extensions come out so quickly, what’s the problem?

During your lash session, if the humidity is particularly high, the adhesive may set too rapidly. As soon as the glue hardens, it will be difficult for the extension to stay in place for more than a day or two, if at all.

My eyelash extensions are falling out. What can I do to keep them in place?

Have you ever wondered how to care for your lash extensions? Simply adhere to the next five steps:
· Clean + brush them on a daily basis.
· Give your lashes time to expand.
· Use an eyelash extension sealant.
· Refills are imperative.
· Only use products that are safe for lash extensions.

If you have eyelash extensions on, how often do they fall out?

People lose anything from one to five natural eyelashes per day in this never-ending cycle. In other words, you’re looking at a daily loss of 1 to 5 eyelash extensions. With or without lash extensions, this is completely natural and anticipated.

What’s wrong with my eyelash extensions?

Extensions that are not fastened to the lash properly will not last…. As a result, if the improper extension is chosen (either long or thick), proper application can be impossible. The extensions will fall off if they are not attached correctly.

Is it possible to remove my eyelash extensions?

If you remove eyelash extensions the wrong way, you risk damaging your natural lashes…. Our first recommendation is to simply let your lashes grow out. Your extensions will naturally fall out without damaging your natural lashes as a result.


Why are my eyelash extensions falling out?

If your eyelash extensions are falling out, you need to know how to fix the problem on your own. Your lash technician should also be consulted as a possible source of assistance in troubleshooting the issue.

Remember, it’s their job! Before settling on a lash artist, don’t be scared to ask a lot of questions and look around. When it comes to glueing eyelashes to your eyes, you want someone who is qualified and trustworthy. Find a new lash artist if you’re not happy with your present one.

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