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Why Are My Eyelash Extensions Poking Me: Guide to Fix

Introduction to the topic

Is getting eyelash extensions for the first time a painful experience for you? Alternatively, you may have just had extensions installed and experienced some discomfort. Because the eyes are such a delicate area, many people are concerned that the lash application will cause them pain.

Is it possible that lash extensions can cause discomfort? The question is whether or not eyelash extensions are painful.

When done correctly by a trained and certified professional, eyelash extensions don’t cause any discomfort. As soon as any discomfort is felt during or after the appointment, the lash stylist should be informed. A reaction to the adhesive or poorly attached lash extensions are the most common causes of discomfort.

After reading this article, you’ll understand why your eyes may hurt during and after your eyelash extension appointment.

At a glance, you’ll be able to identify the signs and reasons. When your eyes hurt after getting lash extensions, read on to find out what to do.

Let’s get to work right away and find all the answers!

Why are my eyelash extensions poking me?

Why are my eyelash extensions poking me?

The new lashes can end up poking your eyelids or the eyes if they are applied incorrectly or the wrong type of lash extensions are used.

Some customers may even notice that their lash extensions poke into their eyes, which can become very serious if ignored.

A few days or weeks after your extensions have been applied, you may experience a poking sensation as your natural lashes begin to grow in.

You should return to the salon where you had the extensions done as soon as possible.

When a beautician attaches extensions to a natural lash, they must be perfectly angled. It’s possible that the space between the extensions and the natural lashes will grow larger within a week or two if you don’t do this.

Eventually, the extensions’ innermost portion will lose its adhesive strength, allowing it to dangle and poke your eyes. It’s impossible to get the right angle if the beautician lacks experience. Long-term experience and the right training are the only ways to master this skill.

But! So that the beautician can make an error, this is a handiwork. Of course, if the beautician is reliable, this won’t happen very often. The most important thing, in my opinion, is that clients and beauticians have a sense of mutual trust. More importantly, the client can talk openly with the beautician about what went wrong with their eyes and have it fixed without any repercussions.

No, eyelash extensions will not cause damage to your vision.

The pain of lash extensions should be avoided at all costs. Only when there is a problem will you feel the pain. It’s possible that your lash artist or even you are to blame.

When applied by a licensed technician, eyelash extensions are completely safe. Gel pads and tape are commonly used by lash technicians to keep your eyes closed during treatment.

The lash tech applies the extensions to your eyes without touching your skin once they’ve finished mapping out which types of lashes should be applied to your eyes.

There will be no discomfort because each extension is attached to your natural lashes one by one.

How to know that eyelashes are done poorly?

Why are my eyelash extensions poking me?

It’s possible that your extensions have been applied incorrectly or could be improved!

1. Brushing through your extensions is impossible

 While it is possible to use a mascara wand to apply eyelash extensions to multiple eyelashes at once, it is not recommended.

2. Throughout and after the process, the application burns your eyes

During the application of the lashes, an expert lash artist will keep your eyes closed completely. During and after the lash procedure, if your eyes are constantly burning, your lash artist has not taken the necessary precautions to prevent chemical fumes from coming into contact with your eyes. Putting on eyelash extensions doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort.

3. Your lash extensions irritate your eyes by poking, twisting, and squeezing them

When lash extensions are applied incorrectly or are too long, they can spin, twist, droop, and turn, resulting in this problem. As a result, your extensions will be positioned in an unflattering manner, poking you directly in the eye. It’s a real pain! Wearing lashes should be a pleasant experience.

4. You’re done with your entire set in under an hour

It is generally accepted that a full set application takes 1.5-2 hrs. to complete. The job was completed in a short period of time because it took less time. Either they didn’t apply an extension to every eyelash or they stacked a large number of lashes on your lashes, causing them to become glued and stuck together.

5. Too many extensions on your inner lashes make them look unnaturally long and sparse

Because the natural lashes are so sparse, the lash technician must have used extensions that were far too long for the sparse area. A fake appearance is created when long lashes are used in the inner corner, which is not what you want. Natural, convincing lashes are the goal of every lash artist.

6. The eyelid is glued to the extensions.

There should be no contact between lash extensions and the lash line at any time. This can lead to a bacterial infection, as well as a reduction in the growth of natural eyelashes. Natural eyelashes will not be able to grow or fall out if extensions are applied directly to the skin.

It may appear that you have excellent retention, but lash extensions should be shedding naturally with your natural eyelashes to allow for new growth. To ensure proper shedding and cleanliness, lash extensions should be attached to the natural lash about 1 mm away from the lash line.

7. Heavy/faux/thick/not curly eyelash extensions make you look fake.

Using extensions that are too heavy/thick and not curly enough is a problem for the lash artist. Each person’s eyelash extensions are custom-made. A wide variety of styles are available.

This can be done by a skilled lash technician who has an eye for design and can help you select the best set for your face shape. You shouldn’t feel a thing when a proper set of eyelash extensions are applied.

8. It’s only a week before your lash extensions fall out!

This frequently occurs as a result of the application of insufficient lash extensions. There’s a good chance that the cheapest technician in town isn’t spending enough time during the appointment to ensure that you get a long-lasting, full lash look. A good lash application should take at least 1.5-2 hours to complete. All of your natural lashes should be covered by a full set of false lashes (those that are long enough).

If the treatment takes less than 1.5 hours, you’re getting a quick fix that will start to show its effects after a week or two. All of your lashes will be gone within two weeks. Keep in mind that your natural lash loss is between 2 and 5 lashes per day.

Your extensions may not last as long if your natural lashes are very sparse, delicate and fragile. The natural beauty of your eyes cannot be enhanced by false lashes.

9. The lashes have become tangled.

We all have unique growth patterns for our eyelashes, which vary from person to person. In some cases, a person’s hair grows faster or falls out sooner than another person’s. All of the eyelashes on your eyelids are at different points in their life cycles.

As a result, it is critical that only one natural lash is attached to each individual extension. Premature shedding or breakage of two natural lashes attached to a single extension can lead to permanent lash loss and gaps over time.

Why do eyelash extensions hurt?

Why are my eyelash extensions poking me?

In the following section, you’ll learn about some of the more common reasons why lash extensions cause discomfort.

It’s possible that the pain you felt was caused by the technician’s inexperience or poor technique, which is why you had lash extensions done in the first place.

It is possible for the lash tech to make a mistake while applying or curing the glue, and this can result in your eyes hurting.

Your eyelids can be damaged if the lash technician attaches the glue to your lids instead of your natural lashes by mistake.

If the lash tape is applied well beyond the waterline, it may also cause discomfort.

1. Poor quality goods

Many eye irritations are caused by poor-quality products, including lash extensions, primers and even tapes used by the lash extension specialist.

Adverse reactions can occur during a treatment session if the lash artist does not use proper products or maintain them properly.

2. Ingredients in glue that irritate the skin

Because it’s glue, some of the harsh ingredients may be expected to cause irritation to the eyes. As with chopping onions, some glues may also release chemicals in the same way.

We, of course, make sure to use glue that contains only the gentlest ingredients. The Lash Spa takes great pride in only using the highest quality products. Because our high-quality glue secures the lashes with just a small amount, we don’t have to use as much as other brands’.

3. Removing the extensions on your own

Those who are getting their first set of false lashes may feel a little out of place with them on. One of the most common problems we encounter is brand-new lash wearers tugging or touching their lashes to test their durability. There is absolutely no need for this! When you wear false eyelashes, they are glued onto your natural ones. This means that your hair follicles and eyelids feel every tug and pull.

If you try to take the extensions out by yourself, you run the risk of tearing your natural lashes out. To remove eyelash extensions, we use a special procedure, so please leave it to the professionals.

4. The wrong extensions were used

If you want the most dramatic lashes, you can request the thickest, longest, and fullest set available. Professional technicians, on the other hand, are aware that such requests from clients should be refused. Your lashes are so light that it’s hard to believe. Your natural lashes can only carry the weight of their own selves, and nothing more.

Keep in mind that the additional lashes will be supported by your own natural lashes. Natural lash thickness and length dictate how far you can go with your lash extensions. Because of the weight and thickness of the lashes, your eyelids will definitely feel as if they are being weighed down. The hair follicles are put under stress, which can be painful.

An unfortunate outcome may occur if you happen to open your eyes when the technician is supposed to be working while they are supposed to be closed.

The lash glue can cause irritation if you open your eyes during treatment, especially if it is freshly applied and has not yet dried.

What to do if eyelash extensions hurt?

One of the most sensitive parts of the human body is the eyeball. Your immediate reaction is to be on high alert if they begin to cause any kind of discomfort.

What should I do in this situation?

Make sure the lash tech is aware of the situation. The first step is to get in touch with the lash technician so that they can conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether it’s due to the glue, lash products, or the application process.

If your lashes are causing you any kind of discomfort, you’ll probably have to return to the salon for another checkup. They may need to remove the extensions with care if the results are positive.

If your condition worsens, you may also be advised to see an eye doctor. Keep in mind that unless the irritating factor (your lash extensions) is removed, the doctor can’t help.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to Why are my eyelash extensions poking me

Please tell me what is wrong with my eyelash extensions?

Your eyelids are irritated by your lash extensions. It’s common for lash extensions to droop, twist, droop, and turn if they aren’t applied correctly or the extensions are too long. Wearing lashes should be a pleasant experience.

What do you do if your eyelashes become irritated after getting eyelash extensions?

Find a specialist to help. An allergic reaction can usually be alleviated by using allergy eye drops, cold compresses, Benadryl, or other topical creams. Clients with red eyes for more than two to three days or who are experiencing severe allergic reactions should see a doctor right away.

To what extent can I improve the quality of my eyelashes?

To loosen the glue, place a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover over your eye for a few seconds. To remove the fake lashes, gently and slowly pull them off. Brush and separate your eyelashes with a lash comb or even a toothbrush after each coat of mascara.

Why do my eyelash extensions itch?

A few days or weeks after your extensions have been applied, you may experience a poking sensation as your natural lashes begin to grow in. You should return to the salon where you had the extensions done as soon as possible.

Just how do you know when your fake lashes don’t look their best?

Bad Lash Extensions: 7 Signs
Brushing through your lashes is difficult.
The application of your lash extensions “burns” your eyes….
One-length lashes… Inner corners that are overly long and unnatural-looking…
If you have lash extensions at all, you are lying to yourself.
A week isn’t even enough time with them.


Why are my eyelash extensions poking me?

Treatments for eyelash extensions are completely non-invasive. As a result, many clients fall asleep during their appointments.

For the majority of the application process, you should keep your eyes closed. Lower eyelashes are separated from upper eyelashes by the lash technician using medical-grade tape and gel pads. This protects your lower eyelashes and skin from the adhesive used on the upper eyelashes.

The lash technician may be to blame if you experience pain, itchiness, inflammation, pulling, or tugging as a result of poor application or low-quality products.

You may feel a little discomfort if you burst into tears or opened your eyes during the application process. Finally, you may feel a little discomfort because you’ve been staring at the screen for so long.

Aside from the pain, you may experience itching, inflammation, redness and/or infection of the eyes as well as uneasiness and/or tangled lashes after the procedure.

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