Why Are My Eyelashes Curling Up on One Eye? | Makeup Guide

Why Are My Eyelashes Curling Up on One Eye? | Makeup Guide

Are your eyelashes sometimes curled up on one eye?  This may be a particularly irritating sensation for you. If you have long eyelashes, this could be a normal occurrence too. 

Increased length, curling, pigmentation, or thickness of eyelashes is referred to as “eyelash trichomegaly”. The eyelashes could even be a symptom for a condition like this. This could cause psychological problems as well as corneal abrasions and vision problems. 

How to get rid of curled eyelashes?

Eyelashes Curling

So, how could you get rid of curled eyelashes? Below mentioned are certain tips to be followed. 

To make either sets of lashes appear longer and thicker, use an eyelash curler and then a primer. Mascara may also be used. If you’re going natural-looking, a clear mascara and even eyebrow gel on the lashes could be a good option. And, to tint the curled and coated lashes, apply one or even more coats of dark brown or black mascara. The eye that is sparser will need more focus than the other. 

You may also use fake eyelashes as an alternative. You won’t even notice a noticeable difference in the lashes on each eye until you learn how to properly wear and curl them so that they blend in with your natural eyelashes. 

A professional lash lift could also be a better long-term option since it’s semi-permanent.  These are available as a DIY kit or as a professional service. However, you could try using a lash curler to see how it goes. Since some lashes don’t like to keep a curl like that, mileage can vary, but you can try “setting” it with mascara, which could be black or clear, depending on your preference, because it benefits some more. 

Other causes and solutions for curled eyelashes

If the lashes are glued together, it could be bad. Because, in such case, cleaning them will not solve the issue. Your only choice is to get a cysteine-based keratin lash boost. This procedure uses a perming agent to extract frizz and bumps from your lashes. 

The amino acid cysteine increases the pH of your lashes and opens the hair scales. This raises and removes them softly. As heat activates cysteine, the lashes adjust to their normal state as soon as the tension is reduced. The lashes regain their power while becoming hydrated after receiving a keratin injection. 

It’s very convenient to use lash lift kits. Even then, it’s likely that the first time you use the kit, you won’t get the desired outcome. You hurried one of the measures if your lashes looked perfect after the procedure but then over curled pretty quickly. If you wash your face with hot water, your lashes will lose their perm.

The alternate solution is to rinse the lashes thoroughly after applying to the lashes to form them is the one that gives them form. Since the glue was stuck in the cracks, your lashes curled excessively. The form of the lashes shifted as it dried more. To remedy this, use the cleanser to clean your lashes and then add the nourishing lotion. To release the glue on your eyelid, pass a warm, damp cotton swab across it a several occasions to support loosening it. 

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Why Are My Eyelashes Curling Up on One Eye? | Makeup Guide

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