Why Do My Eyelashes Go Down When I Apply Mascara: Guide

Why Do My Eyelashes Go Down When I Apply Mascara: Guide

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Our eyes appear larger and more attractive when our eyelashes are curled. However, it can be difficult to maintain the desired curl throughout the day.

Congratulations if you were born with long, voluminous lashes. Curling your eyelashes every day is not only time consuming, but it also doesn’t always work. My eyelash curler is both my best friend and worst enemy because I have naturally straight lashes. I use it every day to make my eyes appear larger and more vibrant. But the curl it provides doesn’t last as long as I’d like. It’s a real struggle to keep your lashes perfectly curled all the time. It’s possible to curl lashes so that the curl lasts longer.

You can keep your eyelashes curled in water, with or without mascara, with these three simple tricks I’ll show you.

What’s wrong with my lashes?

Why do my eyelashes go down when I apply mascara?

Using your curler or lashes, what’s the problem? Both of these factors could be to blame for your lashes’ inability to stay lifted. Your lashes won’t stay curled if you don’t use a good quality eyelash curler that matches your eye shape and lash length.

Until recently, I had no idea that there were so many different kinds of curlers to choose from. The idea is to find a curling iron that works well for your specific needs.

Curling your eyelashes is difficult for a variety of reasons. For starters, you may not be born with naturally “curled lashes.” Although it may seem ridiculous, some people’s lashes are naturally more malleable. Curlers and heat treatments have a harder time adhering to straight lashes.

In addition, previous over-treatment may have damaged your lashes. As far back as the days of cave-dwelling, lashes have served an important role in human evolution. As small eyelid umbrellas, lashes have evolved to protect our eyes from the sun’s harmful rays.

The purpose of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from the elements. Despite this, they are still delicate structures that could be ripped from your eyes if they are mistreated.

People who are referred to as “abuse” in this context are agitated. Lashes become brittle and break if you overtreat them, so be careful. The harsh chemicals used to create the moisture-wicking formula in water-proof mascara cause damage to the lashes. In addition, recent studies have revealed that these chemicals contain carcinogens.

Heating treatments for longer curl holds are another lash stressor. If you use a hair dryer repeatedly or at an excessive temperature, you run the risk of permanently damaging your lashes, in spite of the many online hacks that claim to hold their curl.

Applying too many coats of mascara, even with a waterproof formula, can weigh the eyes down. Don’t believe the early 2010s tutorials that said to use five layers of ‘volume-enhancing’ mascara to achieve the best results. If you have to apply five coats before it looks good, it isn’t working. The curls can be avoided if this technique is used on a regular basis instead.

Using your eyelash curler incorrectly can also be a problem. Even though this is a common cause of eyelashes that don’t stay curled, it can have a significant impact on how long they stay curled. The lash isn’t properly structured if it’s curled in a single motion. Rather than creating a curl, it’s more like yanking upward on the hair.

What is the secret to keeping my eyelashes curled?

Flat lashes can be fixed in many ways, some of which actually work while others may leave you with shaved eyelids, which is why safety should always come first.

You can extend the life of your curls by using two mascaras. Finding two to three different mascara formulas that work for you is a great way to switch up your makeup looks. To get the best results, use one mascara to lengthen and another to add volume to your lashes.

Your curler must be used correctly. There are numerous ways to misuse a lash curler, including pulling the lashes upward or clenching too hard. It’s better to apply the mascara in three separate sections, starting from the lash line to the ends, and pulsing on each section with gentle pressure.

Like eyebrow gel, applying a waxy substance to lashes can make a big difference.. Vaseline can be used as an alternative to clear eyelash gels that are pre-packaged and ready for application.

Glossier’s Balm Dotcom and Aquaphor are other options. Afterwards, curl the lashes by applying a thin layer. Additionally, because it keeps the eyelashes moist and bendable, this technique is excellent.

A spoon may seem like an odd solution, but it’s actually a very effective one. It’s not for everyone, and it does require a certain amount of dexterity, but it has been shown to be effective. Just heat up a spoon in some hot water, then place the curved end of the spoon against your eyelid.

Press the spoon against the lashes with your thumb and index finger and hold for ten seconds on each eye. If you’re in a pinch and need a quick lash lift, this method may be the best option for you. If all else fails, an eyelash curler is the only sensible option.

When I apply mascara, my eyelashes fall; what’s going on?

The primer for mascara is thick and heavy, so it will make the lashes look a little sparse and floppy. Before applying primer, curl your lashes. To avoid over-drying your lashes, use a blow dryer on cool or low heat with your eyes closed after applying the primer. Mascara should be applied to the lashes before the blow dryer is used to dry them.

When using a lash fibre product that is layered between mascara coats, this trick works really well (like Younique 3D Mascara). Multiple coats weigh down your natural lashes, especially if they don’t naturally curl, so using a blow dryer to curl them is a great alternative. Your cheeks and around your eyes are also blown clean of any loose fibres.

Because some mascaras and makeup removers contain oils, the glue used to attach lash extensions can be dissolved when they are used with these products. Do not apply mascara all the way to the root of long lashes, or use oil-free mascara instead. Adding mascara to extensions may seem pointless at first, but a light brushing along the tips is all you’ll need to get the desired effect.

It doesn’t matter if the additional product isn’t oil-based if it makes your extensions heavier. Regardless of the product you’re using, a spoolie will pull on the extensions and weaken their bond, so use a lash fan this time around. Once you’ve removed the product, make sure you don’t use an oil-based cleanser, and do so with extreme care.

Having eyelashes that fall when mascara is applied is a strange and contradictory experience. Too many layers of mascara can cause the lashes to sink, so limit yourself to one or two coats to avoid this problem.

This could be a problem with the mascara’s formula, but it’s more likely that the brush is overloaded with product, resulting in lumps on the eyelashes.

To correct this issue, move the brush in the tube in circular motions back and forth. Additionally, mascara will lose its curl if you don’t use a curler prior to applying it. In order to get the best results, the lashes must be properly prepped before application.

Is the way you’re doing things correct?

Why do my eyelashes go down when I apply mascara?

Curling your eyelashes as close to the roots as possible yields the best results. If you’ve ever heard the rumour that you could lose your eyelashes while doing this, you’ll understand why it’s so nerve-wracking.

Your lashes will remain intact if you exercise caution, in my opinion. There is also the issue of curlers not being held on for an extended period of time. As a curling iron, it’s a great tool to have around. You get a smaller curl if you don’t hold the curler for a long period of time.

While, if you’d like, your curl can appear more voluminous if you wait a few seconds longer. The curler should be pumped at the root four to eight times. Hold the lash curler and squeeze and close the curler onto the lashes with great force.

The secret to keeping your eyelashes curled without using mascara

You can still look bright-eyed without mascara on days when you are wearing a natural make-up look or no make-up at all.

If you want to keep your eyelashes curled without using mascara, this is the best method:

To get the best results, you’ll need to start with clean eyelashes. A cotton pad soaked in micellar water can remove any mascara residue left over from the previous day. Remove mascara by pressing a cotton pad gently over your eye for a few seconds, then swiping downward several times.)

Moving on to the next step, curl your lashes. Using a hairdryer to heat up your eyelash curler is the first method. If the curler is too hot, you could burn your lashes or the skin around your eyes. Be careful with this method.

A spoon warmed in hot water can also be used to gently brush your eyelashes upwards. Before moving on to the next eye, keep the spoon still for about ten seconds. Despite the fact that this method still works, it is significantly less hazardous.

A clear lip balm or chapstick can help add length and volume to freshly curled lashes in Step 4. However, if you use too much petroleum jelly, your lashes will end up looking shiny.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to Why do my eyelashes go down when I apply mascara

Why does my mascara make my eyelashes fall?

It can be as simple as not curling your lashes properly or using too much mascara, according to celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. Despite the fact that pinching the lashes in one place at the base is much quicker, it will not provide a long-lasting lift.

How do I keep my eyelashes from drooping?

Make sure to coat the entire length of your upper lashes by using the wand to brush down from the top. Brush the lashes upwards again. As Inglessis advises, “Do the top first so you don’t weigh the lash down.” Using this method, all of your lashes will be completely covered in product.

Why are my eyelashes drooping rather than rising?

However, they can also grow in the wrong direction at times..Trichiasis is a common condition. Eyelashes begin to curl inward toward your eyeball at this time. They can irritate your eyes if they come into contact with them.

Is there a way to make your eyelashes curl?

Babaian claims that “you can actually train your lashes to curl” if you use the curler daily. For the first few weeks, you may have to hold down on the curler a little longer to get the lashes to curl.

How to curl eyelashes properly?

You can warm up your eyelash curler by holding a blow dryer to it for a few seconds before curling. Make sure to blow on the metal curler before using it on your lashes to avoid getting burned! If your lashes are stiff and difficult to curl, try this method.


Why do my eyelashes go down when I apply mascara?

Thanks for checking out these eyelash and lash curler-related tips. Because of this, I’ve started using a different technique every day to curl my lashes.

Isn’t it possible to make a big difference with just one small step? Longer and fuller lashes will draw attention to and frame your eyes without the need for false eyelashes or extensions, giving you a more refreshed and awake look.

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