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Why Don’t My Eyelashes Stay Curled: 7 Reasons to Fix Guide

You’ve probably questioned why your eyelashes don’t stay curled. Since the beginning, I’ve had an ongoing problem with this. Even though I’ve been given naturally long and luscious lashes, I can never get them to stay curled.

It’s been difficult to keep my eyelashes long and straight all my life. It’s like my eyelashes just grow straight. None of the eyelash curlers I’ve tried have worked for me.

Why don’t my eyelashes stay curled? 

Why Don't My Eyelashes Stay Curled: 7 Reasons to Fix Guide

My eyelashes have a quirk. Normally, they’re about an inch or two long and fall just below my eyes. Both curled and uncurled, they have a scant appearance due to their thinness and lack of mascara. Because my eyelashes are covered behind my spectacles (when I remember), I don’t do much in the way of cosmetics when I’m not wearing them, but when I do, I’ll grab any random mascara I have on hand.

1. An excessive amount of glue

There are several reasons why lash lifts fail, but this is one of the most common and underappreciated. An excess of adhesive can prevent the solution from working properly on your customers’ lashes if you’re not careful, which is why you need it to adhere their lashes to the shield.

The adhesive should only be applied to the top of the client’s natural lash so that only the top of the shield is fastened to it. The adhesive won’t be in the way of your Step 1 and Step 2 solutions, so they’ll be able to perform their work.

2. Using the wrong method of cleaning

In order to get the best results from any lash treatment, you must first prepare! Before beginning the Lifted treatment, ensure that the lashes are thoroughly washed. The lift could be affected by any residue or traces of foundation or make-up.

3. Size of the shield

The size of the shield might also have an impact on lash lifts. It is common knowledge that the larger the shield, the greater the lift. There are advantages and disadvantages to both large and tiny shields when it comes to curling hair.

The majority of your patients will require a modest or medium-sized device. Keep different shields in place and curl the lashes to see where your product placement would go if you don’t know. There may be a need for extra patience or tape to keep coarse lashes in place.

4. Placement of the shield and skin gaps

Location of the shield. If necessary, especially for children’s eyes, trim the shield. Use an eyelash curler to visualize the shape you’ll get by trimming off a piece of each end to make it even. Another thing to consider is whether or not the client’s skin is visible between the shield and the lash line, which is an important consideration.

Because of this, shield placement is essential! If you leave a gap, you’ll get a bad lift. The lashes will kink if you lower the shield too far, resulting in an L-curl lash lift. The lash line should be as close as feasible to where you position your shield. Even if you don’t have hooded eyes, it’s a good idea to apply a small amount of tape to the lid. Your shield placement will be easier if you can see the lash line.

5. A place to keep your solutions

You must keep your Lifted solutions in a cold, dry place to avoid contaminating them. Before beginning the lash lift treatment, crush your sachets and let them get to room temperature. The solution begins to go off as soon as it is exposed to the air. Sachets or bottles, this applies. Consequently, if you have not stored your products properly, they may not work as expected.

6. Positioning of the fix

Only the root of the natural lash should be treated with Lifted Solutions, not the entire lash. Putting the solution all the way from the root to the end of the lash can result in a very poor lift. The more solution you use, the less effective they will be.

7. Timings

Timing is a difficult subject to teach, but you learn as you go. If you get your timings wrong, even by a minute, it can have a significant impact on the lift of the lashes. Before beginning the therapy, you’ll need to examine the health of the client’s natural lashes. To ensure that each Lifted step is completed on time, it is recommended that you utilize a stopwatch or a Lifted Timer.

How to keep my eyelashes stay curled the whole day? 

Why Don't My Eyelashes Stay Curled: 7 Reasons to Fix Guide

Forget about applying mascara, curling your lashes can make all the difference. Once you get the hang of doing things correctly, it’s hard to remember that you ever ignored it. However, it can be a little daunting. For some reason, eyelash curlers have the uncanny ability to resemble a form of torture.

After consulting two professional makeup artists, we’ve learned how to curl your eyelashes the right way the first time. Pro techniques for keeping your lash curl in place all day long were also provided by the experts.

1. First, do some lash maintenance

Makeup and skincare routines aren’t complete without a clean face, which extends to lashes. Take some time to cleanse your face and carefully pull your lashes through. Before you set your makeup for the day, make sure your lashes are free of any makeup or makeup remover residue by performing this step.

2. Make sure you have the right curler for your needs

Traditional lash curlers can be used as a first step toward an all-day hold. Take into consideration how comfortable the grip is, how well the lash pads are made, and how well the curvature fits your eye shape. If your eyelash curler can’t accommodate all of your lashes at once, use a half-lash curler. Make careful to clean your lash curler with a cosmetic wipe after using it to remove any old makeup residue.

3. Get in the right place

The ideal method to begin is to tilt your head slightly in the mirror, open the lash curler, and then gently lift the curler over your upper lash line,”, adding that you want to get as close to the lash line as possible without pinching it. When you’re looking in the mirror, slowly squeeze it while doing so. For best results, that you release the curler after you’ve used it a few times on your eyelashes.

4. Prime your lashes by using a lash primer

We suggests priming your lashes with a good mascara primer after curling them. A tiny layer of primer is all you need to prepare your lashes for mascara application; don’t use more than that. Because it contains an oil serum concentrate, Dior’s mascara is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their lashes both immediately and over time.

5. Your curler needs your attention (and know when to replace it)

To keep your curler in top condition, use a cosmetic wipe to clean it after each usage. There may be some residue from previous use that needs to be removed to allow for more exact and sanitary lash curling. If you use your lash curler pad on a daily basis, the basic rule of thumb is to change it after six months.

6. Experiment with a lash comb

Scott suggests combing your lashes gently with a metal lash comb (and mascara). In order to give your lashes a more natural, feathery look, this will assist to remove some of the superfluous “goop.” They tell you to start at the bottom and work your way up. As a result, you get more definition and a more even distribution of mascara throughout your lashes.

7. Apply your favorite mascara

After using a typical lash curler, apply some of your preferred mascara to your lashes. To maintain your eyelashes curled, start at the root of your lashes and work your way up. It’s fine to apply a couple of applications, but if you go overboard, it could harm your curls. Keep your eyelashes curled with a volumizing, curl-locking product. A waterproof composition provides even more staying power.

5 mistakes you are doing while using eyelash curler 

As I was a teenager, I found an eyelash curler in my mother’s vanity when I was snooping through her cosmetics. I started using it right away to make my eyelashes stand out. I’ve been using an eyelash curler for a decade now, but I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly. Can you tell me how long it’s okay to crush my lashes?

How long should I wait after applying it to my lashes before applying my mascara? Is it worth it to pay $25 or $10 on one? Is it OK to use one every day, or have I been unwittingly harming my lashes for the past several years? Eyelash curlers, despite their intimidating appearance, are quite safe to use. However, they must be used correctly to avoid accidentally removing your eyelashes or pinching your lid (ouch!). 

1. Curling your eyelashes isn’t even on your list of initial steps

Before applying makeup, experts recommend curling the lashes. This will aid in the opening of the eyes and a clearer view of their shape. When it comes to applying eyeliner or concealer, “you wouldn’t risk smearing it with the lash tool,” explains Colvin.

2. A poor-quality curler is to blame

If you’re going to curl your lashes, make sure you’re using the best products. Do not use eyelash curlers, which can become stuck in your eyelashes, and pull them out. Colvin claims that the matte finish of the curlers provides a stronger grip than smooth-finish curlers.

“It seems to suit the contour of the lash line precisely while creating a flawless curl,” Giglio says of this eyelash curler. She explains that this one can capture the full breadth of the lash line, whilst others are more curled and only reach a smaller number of lashes.

3. The eyelash curler isn’t being held appropriately

Open the curler wide enough for your top lashes to fit between the rubber cushion and metal top, then place your thumbs and index fingers in the designated grip holes, according to Giglio. Without contacting the skin, get as close to the root of your eyelashes as possible without damaging them. Close the curler by squeezing it firmly on the lashes.

4. Before curling your eyelashes, you’re using false strip lashes

If you apply your falsies after curling your own, you won’t have to be concerned about the pressure damaging them. Because of this, Colvin advises that you avoid the use of an eyelash curler when you have semi-permanent lash extensions. When using a curler, “the [extensions] get indented a lot more compared to the natural lash hairs,” the stylist explains. “You now have two rows of lashes,” he says. The look you’re going for isn’t going to work!

5. An outdated rubber or silicone insert is to blame

It’s recommended that you replace the rubber cushion in your eyelash curler about every three months, depending on how often you use it. You won’t get the best curl if you use a dried-out crusty insert. Colvin recommends silicone implants in place of rubber ones since they last longer. From Surratt to Kevyn Aucoin to Shiseido, the silicone inserts from these companies are recommended by him.

How to make your eyelashes stay curled in water? 

Why Don't My Eyelashes Stay Curled: 7 Reasons to Fix Guide

 You can keep your eyelashes curled in water, with or without mascara, using these three simple ways I’ll show you. Keep your eyelashes curled in water if you’re going for a swim or taking underwater shots. Using a blow dryer or lash curler, begin by curling your lashes and making sure they stay curled. Start with a single coat of clear waterproof mascara gel.

The gel keeps your curl in place and strengthens your lashes. In addition to protecting your lashes from the elements, it serves as a primer. Two coats of waterproof mascara should be applied. Before adding a second layer, let the first one dry for a few minutes. With the first coat in place, your curls will stay in place, and the second coat will give them, even more, grip and definition! Additionally, the second layer helps to guarantee that all of your hair strands are covered (including the roots).

Can you train your eyelashes to curl naturally?

Using Vaseline as an Adhesive There is no mystery to the “how”: You can curl your eyelashes by coating them in a tiny layer of goop and using an eyelash curler. The cream will preserve the base of your lid and keep your eyelashes from becoming brittle. Because they provide the appearance of brighter, larger eyes, naturally curling eyelashes are quite useful for enhancing the appearance of one’s own eyes. 

If you frequently curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler, you could be damaging them. As a result, it’s critical to stress the importance of Safely Training Your Eyelashes To Curl Naturally. Lashes that are long and wavy are highly sought after by women and men alike. Curlers can cause significant damage to the eyelashes if they aren’t used correctly, and this can even lead to their complete loss. As a result, home treatments are important since they prevent damage and meet the needs of those who have curled eyelashes.

Watch My lash routine (how I keep my straight lashes to be curled all day) | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the why don’t my eyelashes stay curled?

How can I get my eyelashes to stay curled?

Lack of a double crease is the primary cause of uncurling lashes, as we’ve discovered. The straight growth of lashes is a result of the monolid. It also obscures the lash line, making them appear shorter than they actually are.

To keep my lashes curled, what is the best way to do so?

To keep your eyelashes curled all day, simply use waterproof mascara before your regular mascara. To keep your lashes from drooping during the day, use waterproof mascara (think of it like hairspray for your lashes).

After curling your lashes, how long do they stay curled?

The lash perm’s curl should last for about a month before it starts to lose its shape. There should be no more than one treatment every four weeks. “The technique tears down the structure of the hair, so it can be rather drying for certain people and make lashes seem brittle,” explains Merszei.

How can I naturally lengthen and curl my eyelashes?

Castor oil can help thicken and protect your lashes from falling out by applying it daily to the base of the lashes. When using castor oil and coconut oil, mix a few drops of each together and apply them to the eyelashes using a cotton bud. Before going to bed, wash your hands, and then do it again the next morning.

What causes the thinning of my lashes?

One of the most prevalent causes of eyelashes falling out is malnutrition. Your lashes may begin to grow downward if you aren’t obtaining enough vitamins and minerals in your diet. A healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables will help you overcome this issue.


The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik once said, “It looks like something used by Tinker Bell’s gynecologist,” which made me giggle, so I had to mention it every time I use an eyelash curler. Use this unusual-looking yet highly efficient tool to improve your eyelashes.

I was hesitant to utilize it at first because of its bizarre form and, to be honest, it makes me nervous. But after learning how to properly curl my lashes, I cannot spend a day without doing so. Curling your eyelashes is a relatively new skill, therefore you’ve come to the correct place.

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