Why Is My Face Fat but I Am Skinny: Guide to Loose Face Fat

Why Is My Face Fat but I Am Skinny: Guide to Loose Face Fat

It doesn’t matter if it’s our arms, thighs, or stomach; many of us have at some point hoped that we could drop some body fat. The cheekbones, neck, and/or chin may also be areas where people seek to slim down.

In order to slim down, you’ll have to make long-term changes in your food and lifestyle, even if you use slimming straps and devices. You’re in luck because there is a slew of methods available to help you lose weight permanently while also making your face appear slimmer. 

Why is my face fat but i’m skinny?

Why Is My Face Fat but I Am Skinny: Guide to Loose Face Fat

Frequently, I’m asked why I’m doing what I am doing. My face is so big despite the fact that I’m quite thin. My face has a lot of volume in the cheeks and lower jaw, which is known as a “double chin,” and it’s a problem for me.

Fat has been collected in this location because of the prevalence of obesity in this community. Other people, on the other hand, are slimmer but have broader faces because of their genes. 

Those who have inherited this facial shape will only be able to reduce it by a few centimeters despite the fact that there are methods for doing so. How to get a more slender face At OneHowTo.com, we’ve put up a list of helpful hints.

You’re only 16, yet your inability to build muscle will be exacerbated if you obsess over your facial fat. Fear of fat growth while building muscle will prevent you from properly gaining muscle. During the bulking phase, gaining a little fat is fine. How many pounds of muscle should I aim to gain? In a few months, you should be fine with gaining 4 to 5 pounds of fat.

What is the science behind gaining weight in face?

It is safe to assume that if you wake up every morning to see a chubby face in the mirror, you are carrying about some excess weight. That is to say, an increase in facial fat is typically indicative of an overall increase in body fat. A chubby face and round cheeks can be caused by a man’s hormonal and genetic make-up, but there are several ways to slim down and avoid becoming a “moon face.”

Because it is uncommon to have a fat face and a lean body, the solution to decreasing face fat is as straightforward and inconvenient as losing weight elsewhere: better nutrition and exercise. A couple more pounds “all in your face” may be the culprit. Perhaps you’ve lost weight, but your face hasn’t received the message.

What’s going on with my cheeks? Professor and President Emeritus Emeritus Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery explain, “Generally speaking when we gain or lose weight, we are not growing or decreasing the number of fat cells, called adipocytes.

Why do some people have more face fat?

Weight gain is the primary cause of saggy faces we get older, our metabolism slows down, which can lead to weight gain. Means we consume fewer calories. As we age, our bodies ability to burn fat decreases. Fat tends to accumulate around the cheeks, chin, jowls, and neck.

It is more obvious in those with rounder, less distinct facial characteristics. Body fat is the second most difficult to lose. It is found in the face. Even if you reduce weight overall, the face fat is usually still visible. As an example, a person who is overweight or obese is more likely to have fat on their face than a person who is healthy-weight. Increasing fat on the face is frequently the outcome of gaining weight elsewhere in the body.

Is it possible to just lose fat on face?

The number of fat cells in a particular bodily area is governed by your genetics. Many people appear to be skinny on the outside but are actually rather obese on the inside. This is due to the fact that they have fewer fat cells in their facial fat stores! Also, the shape of your facial bones has an impact on how you appear.

Many people have round faces, while others have angular faces with prominent cheekbones. You should have a body fat percentage of 12 percent or less to look your best. A body fat level of less than 12 percent is desirable. Percent, you’ll need to be incredibly strict about what you eat and how you exercise. Anyhow, what you want to do doesn’t really matter. Feel and how you want to seem. When I decided I wanted a slim face and worked hard to get my body fat down to 6%, I didn’t have a lot of muscle to show.

At least twice a week, I exercise with weights, eat clean, home-cooked cuisine, and drink socially; at the same time, I adore pizzas, pasta, alcoholic beverages, and sweets. A friend of mine who went on a gum-eating binge lost some fat from his face, even though I don’t believe in spot reduction.

To be honest, I wouldn’t do something like that to get results, haha! Whenever I saw him, he was always chewing gum. If you want a jawline, the best method to get it is to build some muscle and stay in the appropriate body fat range of 10 to 12 percent.

What causes double chin if your body is so skinny?

Under-the-jaw fat, or submental fat, is an issue for many people who have worked hard to achieve and maintain their ideal weight. There’s a way to get rid of this fat, even if you don’t exercise or diet. Under-chin fat can be safely “melted away” using this procedure for a more youthful appearance. Everybody has one area of their physique that they wish they could improve.

Getting rid of face fat is an issue for many people. Some people bear more weight on their faces because they were born with smaller faces than others. It’s difficult to lose weight in this particular area of the body for people who want to do so. Many people ask if it is even feasible to lose fat off the face. With the support of several experts, we hope to help you understand face fat better and how to reduce it when necessary.

1. A large amount of body fat

Fat accumulation under the chin is the most frequent cause of a double chin. Even if you lose weight, your face and chin will show signs of fat deposition when you gain weight, as well. Depending on your body shape, it may be easy to put on weight around your face.

2. A slouched posture

The more time you spend on your laptop or smartphone, the worse it will get. We bend our necks to see what we’re doing when we use a laptop or smartphone; that’s the worst thing you can do, in my opinion, to your body’s health. The platysma muscle, which connects your neck to your chin, is also affected by this posture. The loss of flexibility in the muscles that support your jawline and give you a droopy chin is caused by the weakening of this muscle.

3. Obesity

It’s possible to build up deposits under your chin if you’re carrying a lot of weight around your body. Keeping in mind that you can be overweight and still work on improving your health is crucial.

4. Aging

A person’s age might also contribute to a double chin. The skin’s ability to produce collagen begins to wane around the mid-twenties mark. Sagging skin was more common throughout this time period. The less collagen your skin generates as you get older, the more noticeable the consequences of droopy skin become.

While the process of aging is unavoidable, there are a number of things that can hasten it. Smoking, eating poorly, and spending too much time in the sun are all contributing factors to skin cancer. All contribute to premature skin aging. To delay the onset of wrinkles and other signs of aging, follow a nutritious diet and adhere to a regimen of good skincare practices.

5. Genetics

You’re more likely to have a double chin if other members of your family do. Even while there is no specific gene for a double-chin, there are various features that can increase your chances of developing it. Weight gain, thinner skin, or a double chin are all examples of these characteristics.

How to lose face fat? 

Having a broader face can help you age more gracefully, in addition to being gorgeous. Apple cheeks are connected with youth, but thin faces make people appear older. There’s no way to get rid of fat cheeks, whether they’re the product of heredity or a lot of additional weight. A good camera perspective and some contouring techniques are easy remedies. Some lifestyle changes, on the other hand, can help you achieve a more permanently contoured mug.

1. It’s all about water

Get your eight glasses of water a day! Drinking more water has been linked to weight loss in a study done in 2008. Before grabbing food, drink a glass of water since we sometimes mistake thirst for hunger. In another study conducted in 2008, 62% of participants responded “inappropriately” to their thirst or hunger cues.

Eating when hydration was truly needed was one of these responses, leading to the ingestion of calories that were not essential. Water consumption before meals has been linked to a reduction in caloric intake in certain studies, but further study with bigger populations is needed. The reason for this is that drinking cold water causes our bodies to work harder to warm it back up to our ideal body temperature. 

2. Get your heart rate going

Your face and body will benefit greatly from cardiovascular exercise. Performing cardiovascular exercises raises your heart rate, causes you to breathe more deeply than usual, and often results in sweating.

Cardio exercise can be done at a low, medium, or high intensity. When you exercise at a higher intensity for longer periods of time, you burn more calories. Try HIIT (high-intensity, short-interval training) if you’re pressed for time. It has been shown to burn more calories than a regular cardio exercise of the same length.

3. The best course of action is to take some time off

You are more prone to participate in midnight snacking if you stay up late. After-dinner munching has been linked to weight growth, according to research published last year. Your body’s circadian rhythms are disrupted by nighttime nibbling, which boosts your calorie consumption.

Even if no additional calories are consumed, this is associated with weight growth. According to research, it’s been connected to the stress hormone cortisol. Slow metabolism and increased appetite occur when you don’t get enough sleep. Sadly, most of us get a bad night’s sleep on a regular basis.

Drinking caffeine in the late afternoon and evening, not receiving enough strong light throughout the day, and using technology late at night can all have a negative impact on your sleep.

4. Put the booze down

With the addition of sugar and carbonation, alcoholic beverages can produce bloating, gas, fluid retention, and inflammation. A bloated face can result from all of this. In addition, the calories from drinking can soon mount up.

In addition to dehydrating you, drinking alcohol causes your body to conserve water. Puffiness, particularly around the eyes and face, is the result. Having a chiseled face and other weight loss goals might be tremendously aided by cutting back on your alcohol use. It’s an excellent way to save money, too. Don’t you think?

5. Cheek-ups and puffs of the cheeks

There have only been a few research investigations to determine the usefulness of facial exercises for enhancing facial contouring. If there are no bad side effects, why not give it a go?

There are some anecdotal reports that facial exercises can assist tone and tightening facial muscles, which may result in a smaller face and a more youthful appearance. Study participants who performed face muscle exercises twice per day for eight weeks saw an improvement in their facial rejuvenation.

6. I’m done with you, sweetie

You cannot lose weight without reducing your intake of processed carbohydrates (like sugar). Carbs present in foods such as pasta and white rice as well as bread and other baked goods and packaged snacks are called refined carbs.

When your blood sugar levels spike, you’re more likely to overeat, and your body begins to accumulate fat. As an alternative, pick high-fiber, nutrient-dense meals like whole grains and fruits and vegetables that are also high in fiber content, such as nuts and legumes. Refined carbohydrates should be avoided in favor of lean meats and dairy products.

7. Don’t be so sour, mate

Your facial features and other body parts will enlarge and puff up if you consume too much sodium. You can slim down your face by reducing your sodium consumption.

Eating fewer processed foods is the quickest and most straightforward approach to lowering your salt intake. Approximately 70 percent of the sodium consumed by Americans comes from items consumed outside of the home, such as packaged goods and restaurant cuisine.

8. Precautionary measure

The quickest technique to get rid of facial fat is to avoid gaining it, to begin with. Extra bodily fat is frequently associated with facial fat. You may prevent facial puffiness and keep a slim figure if you follow the advice in this article.

Watch How to lose face fat fast, cheek and chin fat for men, women and teenagers | Video

People also ask questions and answers related to the why is my face fat but I’m skinny?

How long does it take to get rid of face fat, and how long does it take?

When their body fat percentage drops below 20%, most people see a reduction in their pudgy cheeks. Even obstinate face fat disappears at 15% or less. How long it takes depends on where you begin. Note that you can anticipate losing between 0.5 and 1 percent of your body fat per week.

When I smile, why does it make me look chubby?

Smiling chubby cheeks During a grin, our cheek tissues are pulled upward by the zygomatic muscles. It does not, however, remove the fat that is beneath the muscle in the buccal region.

What can I consume to reduce my face’s size?

Reduce your salt consumption. In addition, choose low-sodium meals such as broccoli, cauliflower, and peppers; red beans; brown rice; quinoa; berries; apples; bananas; and pears. Inflammation and bloating can both be reduced by cutting back on salt intake. All of this contributes to a more slender facial profile.

Describe the V-shaped face?

A V-shaped face has a narrow profile with a prominent chin and jawline. It’s a symbol of vigor, beauty, and grace.

Is it true that sweating causes a reduction in facial volume?

The fat that accumulates in the cheeks is fought by sweat. Weight loss can be made with regular steaming of the face. Also, focus on fatty areas by offering a warm-towel massage. Using a facial steamer can open pores and tone the face.


Extra weight in the belly can lead to a number of health issues, including being aggravating and debilitating. Despite the fact that you can’t slim down just your face, decreasing weight, in general, can aid.

You can also integrate facial exercises and massage to have a smaller face by changing your diet and making lifestyle adjustments. If you’re concerned about something, go to your doctor. Gaining weight on your face due to certain medical issues or drugs. You’ll begin to notice a leaner face in the mirror after putting in the time and work.

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