Why Is My Hair Sticking Out of Braids: Guide to Fix

Why Is My Hair Sticking Out of Braids: Guide to Fix

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In the world of hairstyles, braids are king. In addition to reducing the risk of hair breakage, braiding hair is also a good way to extend the life of your hairstyle. When wearing braided hair, it’s easy for hair to stick out of the braids, which can be a nuisance.

It’s perfectly acceptable. The hair on your head is never the same length all the time. After a period of time, the follicles reactivate and begin producing new hairs. There will always be a wide variety of hairs, each with its own unique length.

Find out how we prevent that from happening here. We need to get it right from the start if we want to get a great braid.

So don’t worry if you’re experiencing this issue. Untangling each one at a time is the best approach.

Is it normal for my hair to come out of my braids when I wear them?

Hair sticking out of braids;

I understand that having twists in your hair with relaxed hair can be a bit of a pain because the shorter sections tend to stick out. Re-braiding your hair and the fake hair with a little moisturiser will help it “hold” better, in my opinion. There was nothing else I could have done to stop it from happening to me.

As long as you treat your twists like your natural hair, I doubt it will harm your ends.

Normal behaviour. Hair grows at a different rate for each strand, begins at different places on the head, and has a different growth/shedding cycle. Trich can amplify the variations in hair length. What you photographed isn’t abnormal, though.

In my opinion, a small amount of oil can go a long way toward making your braids appear sleeker.

Braided extensions are not my strong suit. For a variety of reasons, I prefer to wear my hair in braids rather than extensions. That’s what I wrote about in a previous blog post. When it comes to reducing frizz while wearing braided extensions, this blog receives a lot of traffic. How to reduce and eliminate frizz from extensions, including box braids, is something I’ve learned over the years.

5 reasons why your hair keep sticking out of braids

Your quest for the perfect fishtail braid has taken up the better part of the last eight hours of your life. Even when everything seems to be going well, the final product still doesn’t look exactly how you envisioned it. You decide to rip it all out and start over for a variety of reasons, such as hair falling out or sections being uneven.

We’ve all been there, and we understand how aggravating it can be to go through it again. However, the first step is to identify the problem in order to fix it. Here are five possible explanations for why your braid didn’t turn out the way you expected. It’s much easier to come up with a solution once you’ve identified the issue.

1. You didn’t prepare your hair

You need to ensure that your hair has been brushed thoroughly so that you can evenly separate the strands for the braid. Hair that hasn’t been smoothed out can cause large bumps on the top of your head, which you don’t want.

2. Each section’s thickness varies

Braids of all shapes and sizes require equal thickness in all strands of hair, no matter what style you’re working with. A braid that has sections of varying sizes creates an unattractive appearance. After trying to achieve a messy-chic look, you’ll end up with a hot mess.

3. You are not consistent

After a while, your fingers get tired and you start to get lazy with the braid pattern, which can lead to inconsistent results. The 1-2-3 pattern you started with is becoming a jumbled mess as a result of your mistakes. When braiding, even a minor deviation from the pattern can result in a noticeable error, so pay attention.

4. Your hair is way too clean for braids

Unwashed hair holds braids better because of the grit it contains. Clean hair is more prone to tangling. Get the second-day hair texture you need by taking a shampoo-free day before braiding.

5. Loose braids

There are times when you prefer a looser braid look, and that’s perfectly acceptable. The sections of hair won’t hold together if you begin braiding too loosely. Instead, run your fingers through the braid and pull it to loosen it after it has been created.

What should you know before doing a hair braid?

Before and during the braiding process

The braiding technique is the most important consideration. Hair should not slip out of a braided hairstyle if it isn’t tight enough along its length (not at the root). I’ve written an article about the differences between a good braid and a frizz-prone bad braid here.

When it comes to braiding, I’ve been thinking about writing a blog post about the best way to position your hands. People tend to hold their hair in their pinkies while braiding, which results in a loose braid that is prone to frizzing. The quality of the extension braid is something that you can control if you are braiding yourself, but if you go to a braider, you may not be able to.

Make sure the ends of the extension hair are very tapered if you hang the extension hair over your hand and pull down randomly. The braid should have a gradual taper at the end, rather than chunky layers at the end. Layers will appear at the ends of your braids. The ends of your hair will blend together if you spread it out a lot.

The extension should be braided to the end. When it comes to styling natural hair, micro braids are a bad idea all the more so. If you have straight hair, this style will look better, but it will eventually become untidy. Instead, choose braided styles that incorporate your own hair all the way through. This way, it isn’t prone to frizzing because it isn’t loose.

If my hair keeps coming out of braids, what should I do about it?

Hair sticking out of braids;

1. Get a high-quality bailer

A professional should be braiding your hair. Your hairdresser should be able to braid weaves and attach them to your hair. If you’d like to get this hairstyle done, you could either go to a salon or ask a friend or family member who is familiar with it to do it for you. Ask for their portfolios or Instagram accounts if they are able to prove their identity.

2. Hair preparation is key

Taking care of your scalp prior to braiding your hair will ensure that your hair is healthy and strong. Natural oils like coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or grapefruit seed extract are the best ways to keep your scalp moisturised.

3. When drying your hair, it’s best to blow dry it first

Your hair will be free of tangles because of this. When using synthetic hair, the braids tend to be bulky. Human hair is the heaviest substance on the planet, by far. Make your own oil mist or buy a great braid spray.

Avoid braiding too little of your hair unless the braider is able to use the ‘one pick’ method of gently pulling from the top and not needing to pull from the bottom when removing your hair braids.

4. Be consistent with the care of your braid

Braids should only be worn for four to eight weeks at a time. Keep an eye out for signs of damage and clumping after three weeks. When my braids begin to itch, I apply a diluted witch hazel solution, which indicates that I am either allergic to the hair or that I should take them out once more. And because I just had my braids done, I always pay attention to what my hair is telling me right now rather than forcing myself to stay in them. This is essential if you want your braids to stay in place.

After a month or two of braids, I take a three-week break before starting the process all over again. White bulbs can tell you if your hair is too tight.

5. Maintain your hair

The hair can be held in place with hairpins or hairspray can be applied to a toothbrush and combed through. Two drops of hair oil, applied from the ends to the roots, will help to tame frizz.

You can also hide a bobble pin under the braid if you can’t get rid of all of your hair’s follicles because of your type of hair. Another option is to allow the layers to protrude in any direction they choose. Messy braids are on-trend and easy to style!

Buns are a great way to fix hair that is sticking out of braids. When the plaits are loosely pinned, I pull out a few sections to make them a little more messy. As much as I can, I’ll tuck the long sections back under to secure them.

To put it simply, it lends the ensemble a bohemian, beachy vibe. Braids with fly-away layers can be charming and untidy in the right circumstances.

6. Before braiding, make sure your braid is damp

If possible, I’d try to braid the hair while it’s still damp. The gel-dampened hair should be able to grab hold of the braid’s escaping layers. In order to keep my hair in a tight braid, I dampen it before braiding. After that, if the layers are still sticking out, I’ll smooth them down with a little gel. Flat ironing the braids can also be helpful. In either case, you can do it prior to intertwining. To keep the braid in place, flat iron the ends and then secure the braid with a band.

You can avoid using heat on your hair by putting rubber bands on the end of the braid. Leave them in place all night long. Hair extending is a popular practise in some African countries. Without the heat, it will correct your hair.

While braiding, apply a light gel or oil to the hair. If it continues to appear, use hairspray, hair paste, or pomade to smooth down the fastest sections of hair. Finally, if all else fails, you can experiment with a variety of braids.

Watch Refreshing box braids ft. Shea moisture | Video

Top 5 FAQs and answers related to Hair sticking out of braids

Is it true that braids cause hair to fall out?

When worn for extended periods of time, tight braids and weaves, as well as buns and ponytails, can cause permanent hair loss known as traction alopecia (baldness). Chronic pulling of the hair causes the follicles to become permanently dislodged from the scalp due to excessive tension and traction.

 Why does my braided hair keep sticking out of braids?

I think the twists were put in her hair too tightly. Protective styles are installed with twists and braids that are a little tight, but not so tight that the hair will break off or the style will not last as long as desired.

What is the secret to making braids lay flat?

Braids should be set with piping hot water to avoid unravelling if you’re using synthetic hair for its thickness and length. Cremona then recommends a foam mousse to keep flyways flat. She advises applying a few pumps of mousse to the hair to keep it in place.

How do you keep your braids in place while sleeping?

The night before you go to sleep, wrap a scarf around your hair. Braids should be completely covered with a large, 100 by 100 cm piece of fabric overnight to prevent unwanted friction and frizziness. Also, a “sock-style” scarf that covers your braids like a pillowcase is another option.

 What to do if hair keep sticking out of braids?

Tighter braids
Not too tight though. Protective styles are installed with twists and braids that are a little tight, but not so tight that the hair will break off or the style will not last as long as desired.


Hair sticking out of braids;

Braiding can be fun if it’s done correctly, but only if it’s done right from the start. Request recommendations only from reputable sources and ensure that your braider does not slack off when doing your braid. You’ll save a lot of time and money in the long run if you devote more time to the basics of braiding.

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