Why My Eyelashes Are Clumped Together Guide to Fix

Why My Eyelashes Are Clumped Together: Guide to Fix

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Introduction to the topic

Many women desire long, beautiful lashes, but only a select handful are born with them. To ensure that every lady has the perfect lash look, lash extensions are now available. Long, rich, perfectly-curled lashes are something you’ll know for sure once you’ve tried them.

However, like with any form of cosmetic improvement, issues might emerge. For instance, consider clumping. Do you ever experience clumping with your lash extensions? If that’s the case, you need to know why and how to fix it. Is there anything we can do for you?

Your eyelash extensions should be properly cared for in order to gain maximum benefit from them. To avoid lash extensions falling out prematurely and irritating the eyes, they must be carefully cared for. Maintaining your eyelash extensions properly is essential for both your own eye health and the longevity of your extensions. In most cases, if you take care of your extensions, they will last as long as your natural lashes do.

Why My Eyelashes Are Clumped Together Guide to Fix

Why my eyelashes are clumped together?

Eyelash extensions have the advantage of not requiring a lot of upkeep. There isn’t much to be done to make their upkeep a little easier. In the end, they are nothing more than an extension of the lash. Enhance your eyes and make your eyelashes appear bigger and fuller with these products. Maintaining your lash extensions is straightforward if you follow a few simple principles. They’ll last much longer this way.

Greetings from the land of effortless mornings, where you may wake up feeling fabulous all the time and go swimming without worrying about your mascara smearing your cheeks! The low-maintenance nature of lash extensions will have you more enthusiastic than you ever thought possible!

A little background on your natural lash hair is in order first. Just like the hairs on your head, these hairs need to be cleaned properly and frequently to keep them in good condition. What if you never shampooed your hair in your entire life? It’s impossible for any of us! To add insult to injury, you should know that the hair on your eyelashes has a life cycle, too. Every day, most of us shed 3-5 of our natural eyelashes. This is why getting your lashes filled on a regular basis is so important for maintaining the volume you desire.

It’s also important to keep in mind that humidity dramatically affects the bonding of glue on extensions to lashes-too low and the glue can shock cure before the extension is placed on the lash; too high and the glue can take too long, leading to clumping and lashes sticking together. In the winter, a lash tech will require a humidifier and an air conditioning unit and dehumidifier, while in the summer, he or she will need a humidifier and an air conditioning unit and dehumidifier.

Is your lash technician equipped with this? For example, if I had a client today, I would get up early and turn on the dehumidifier in my beauty room to lower the humidity so that my glue could operate at its best. In order to become a top-notch lash extension technician, you need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and training, which is reflected in the price of their services.

What are the top five reasons why eyelash extensions clump together?

My eyelashes are clumped together

For the most part, clumping of your extensions is rare. We’ll take a closer look at each one and explain how you can fix it:

1. Your lash extensions didn’t work out as you expected

Clumpy lashes can be caused by a faulty lash application, especially if the individual applying them didn’t take the time to thoroughly glue one extension to one natural lash. It’s not hard to see why DIY lash extensions can cause this issue. In order to apply these extensions oneself, it’s really tough, and it’s all too easy to end up with one extension attached to numerous lashes, or the other way around. What’s the solution?

If you want to avoid a botched lash extension application, go to a reputable salon. Licensed lash technicians have the necessary training to ensure that your application is done correctly every time. So, make an informed decision and keep in mind that your eyelashes are far too essential to take a chance on a home DIY work!

2. Eyelash extensions are not applied correctly

The problem is that, in my opinion, they haven’t been implemented very successfully. When they were administered, clumping is likely to have occurred. It becomes more evident as they become older.

This is not the case with lashes that have been put one at a time to each lash. The best place to start is to look for a person whose work you’ve already seen or who is highly recommended on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram.

There’s a lot to it, as jools has pointed out!

Clumps cannot be undone because they’re all stuck together. You have no choice but to have them removed by a professional. You’ll tear your lashes out trying to do it yourself.

3. Mascara on your lashes has caused the extensions to become tangled

Mascara, on the other hand, can be an issue since it can cause lashes to clump together in an unpleasant and sometimes painful manner. In most cases, your new lash extensions will not necessitate the use of mascara. However, if you insist on using mascara, here are some helpful hints:

  • When it comes to mascara, utilise new, not old, products.
  • Apply the mascara in a circular motion, starting from the brush and working toward the tips.
  • Be sure to wait until the first coat has dried completely before moving on to the second!

4.You are using oil based products

Is there anything you’re applying to your face or the area around your eyes, such as oil or cream? Does your eyeliner come in the form of liquid or gel? Oil can cause lashes to clump together because it breaks down the adhesive connections.

What are you doing to keep your extensions in good condition, except the initial 24 hours when the glue is still curing? Infections and clumping are also caused by the buildup of natural oils and sweat on the eyelash line. A clean mascara spoolie can be used to shape extensions after they’ve been cleaned and watered down using a lash cleaner and soft brush.

5. Possibly due to sleeping on them, your lashes are curved

Your hairstylist is likely to tell you to avoid sleeping on your face because your extensions may bend as you sleep. What do you do if your extensions come into contact with each other, as it can be impossible to avoid? You might begin by attempting to straighten them back to their natural curl. There’s always the possibility that your technician can help you out if that doesn’t work.

Lashes extension clumping can be avoided or corrected with the proper attention and care.

7 signs that your eyelash extensions need some work

My eyelashes are clumped together

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but here are seven things to look out for when getting eyelash extensions.

If you see any of these warning signals, you should have them removed by a professional as soon as possible. As a bonus, you’ll know exactly how to apply eyelash extensions the next time around.

1. The Length is either too short, too long, or completely unbalanced

You want your eyelash extensions to look as natural as possible. Additionally, a variety of lashes of varied lengths and thicknesses should be used to achieve a soft and natural appearance. In some cases, lash extensions can end up being overly short or lengthy, or even too uniform.

One of the most unattractive features is to have uniformly long lashes. After that, you’re left with an unnaturally boxy, square lash. The lashes on our inner corners tend to be shorter than those on the outer corners, which is due to the fact that our natural lashes aren’t uniform.

Lash extensions applied to your natural lashes should also not be excessively long.

2. Your lashes are difficult to brush through

Too much glue has been utilized, and your lashes may be glued together if combing through them causes irritation or snagging. Your natural lashes may be damaged or broken as a result of this. When it comes to brushing your eyelashes, you should be able to do it every day without any issues.

3. Eyelashes that irritate

Your eyes will be poked, twisted, and irritated as a result of the lash extensions. Is it normal for eyelash extensions to be brittle? There’s no other explanation for why your lash extension can pinch, twist, or hurt your eyes than a faulty application. It’s also possible that the extensions are overly lengthy, causing them to twist, sag, and turn.

4. Excessive burning while & after applying

If you experience burning, itching, or irritation during or after your lash application, there is something wrong with your lashes. There are situations when the lash technician may tell you that burning is typical.

Lashes are applied with the use of irritants such as lash glues. However, a patch test is always recommended in the event of an allergic reaction. When that isn’t the case, you should remove the lashes immediately.

5. Inner corners that are excessively long and out of place

Inner-corner lashes are shorter than the rest of your lashes because they’re closer to your eyelid. Your lash extensions should reflect this. Long inner-corner lashes can appear unnatural, allowing your lash secret to be exposed. Because of this, you may experience pain or lose your eyelash extensions faster than normal.

6. A week is all you get out of lash extensions

When not enough lash extensions have been done, this can occur. If you think you’ve found the cheapest technician, you may not be getting a long-lasting, full lash effect from the session. Good eyelash extensions should take at least 1.5-2 hours to apply. All of your natural lashes should be covered with a full pair of false lashes (those that are long enough).

You’ll likely see results within a week if you have an application lasting less than 1.5 hours. By the end of the second week, all of your eyelashes should be gone. Keep in mind that your normal lash loss is between 2 and 5 lashes per day.

7. Lashes that appear to be extensions are actually cluster lashes, not extensions

Using “lash extensions” like this is the worst. Permanent lash glue should never be used to apply clusters or flares. Using lash flares can lead to lash breakage and infection, as well as making your lashes look more like spiders than beautiful, lush lashes.

7 ways to care for your eyelash extensions

My eyelashes are clumped together

Your eyelash extensions will last longer if you follow a few simple rules.

1. For the first 48 hours following application, avoid getting them wet

Do not shower or wash your eyes during this time period as this could cause damage to your new eyelash extensions.

The adhesive can be affected by water, making the bond fragile and vulnerable to breakage.

2. Don’t touch them at all

During the first few hours, try to avoid touching them too much. There is additional strain on the lash root as a result of frequent contact with your fingers, as well as the buildup of oils from your skin.

3. Avoid items containing oil

She advises her clients to avoid oil-based cleansers and makeup removers since they weaken the adhesive that holds the lashes in place. Avoid dissolving the glue by using a gel-based remover like NARS Aqua Infused Makeup Removing Water. If you want to keep your extensions in place and eliminate any debris, you can use micellar water.

4. Clean up your eye lashes

Eyelash extensions should be kept clean in order to keep them in good condition. Do not use face wash. The perfect tool for the job is a lash cleaner! You don’t want to use any old lash cleanser—you need one specifically designed for lash extensions! A great foamy lash cleaner is available at The Lash Lounge.

5. Brush them, too

Brush your eyelash tips every morning to keep them looking their best.

Use a dry spoolie (the type of brush used to apply mascara) and a clean finger to hold your lashes in place while you apply mascara.

6. Stay away from waterproof eye products

The word “waterproof” implies that it won’t wash off with regular face wash. To remove them, you’ll need an oil-based cleanser, which is a no-no when it comes to extensions.

Feroz and Hughes agree that wearing lash extensions eliminates the need for mascara and eyeliner because the extensions mimic the effects of traditional eye-enhancing makeup. Getting dressed in the morning was a breeze this morning. Non-waterproof eye makeup will be easier to remove if you still want to go for the classic cat-eye appearance.

7. Extension refills should be maintained on a continual basis

Even though we’ve covered a lot of ground, this is the most crucial. Maintaining a full, lustrous lash line requires regular refill sessions every two weeks!

You’ll have more gaps and growing eyelashes elsewhere if you wait too long to get your natural lashes filled. A fresh full set of lashes may be necessary if you don’t acquire your lash refills in time.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to My eyelashes are clumped together

How can you tell whether your eyelash extensions are of high quality?

It’s important that your lash extension artist uses high-quality lashes that aren’t too stiff to the touch. Because of clumping, you and your stylist should be able to effortlessly brush through the lashes.

Is it normal for eyelash extensions to have a clumpy appearance?

This is an indication that there are lashes caught together after the extensions have been put or when they are growing out. No lumps or balls of glue should be found on the lashes; brushing them from the base to the ends should be effortless.

How to fix clumped lashes?

Wiggling the wand lightly from side to side, brush your lashes from the root to the tip. Clumps can be removed by zigzagging your way through your lashes. Perform the zig-zag motion right after you’ve applied your mascara to get the finest results.

Clumpy eyelash glue: what’s the solution?

The remedy is as straightforward as the question. All you have to do is reheat your adhesive to its ideal operating temperature and then shake it vigorously (The LashBase Shaker is best). To get your “stringy” adhesive back in shape, simply follow these instructions.

Why are my eyelashes clumping up?

Clumpy eyelashes can be avoided by following these six tips!
Throw it. Expiration dates on foundation and bronzer can be ignored, but it’s probably not a good idea to apply expired eye makeup, as we all know.
· It’s time for a double cleansing.
· Don’t use your wand as a weapon
· The appropriate wand is essential
· Lighten things up
· Make sure your technique is correct


My eyelashes are clumped together

There are important implications to be aware of when it comes to eyelash extension application. In contrast to the one-time application of fake eyelashes, eyelash extensions are applied to the natural lashes one by one. To avoid the detrimental effects of improper eyelash extensions, it is imperative that any indicators of bad eyelash extensions are addressed as soon as possible. 

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